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Projected as one of the top receivers in the upcoming draft class, LaQuon Treadwell wrote an interesting letter for employment to NFL GM's.

Former Ole Miss WR Laquon Treadwell pens cover letter to NFL via Players Tribune: For Hire: A Wide Receiver Who Just Wants to Win

Former Ole Miss Rebel wide receiver LaQuon Treadwell has been considered the top wide receiver in this month's NFL Draft, and while some have listed other receivers ahead of him in some projections and mock drafts, all have him listed as a first round talent.

On Tuesday Treadwell decided to attempt to help his cause to be the first receiver selected when he penned an open letter to NFL general managers via The Players Tribute

It's not known if Tennessee Titans general manager Jon Robinson has seen, or will see his letter, but there are likely many teams reading it already. 

While this is not the first time a draft prospect has written this type letter, Treadwell did it with a special style in telling is story both before, during and now after his days in college.

                                   "Dear Prospective NFL Team:

My name is Laquon Treadwell, and I want to bring a championship mindset to your team.

Growing up in University Park, Ill., some of the kids on my block didn’t have televisions or video games, so we were always outside, usually playing football. We’d play until it got so dark that we couldn’t see the ball…. Then we’d keep playing, and just do our best.

Since we didn’t watch TV that often, we didn’t know a lot about professional football. We didn’t get hyped up for Sundays. We didn’t dream of playing in the NFL. We didn’t have idols we pretended to be when we were on the field. All we knew was that we loved playing the game — in the street, at the park, anywhere. It didn’t matter. We were always playing.

                             That’s when I fell in love with football. "  

In three seasons with Ole Miss, Treadwell collected 202 receptions for 2,393 yards and 21 touchdowns, including career-high numbers during his junior year in 2015.

However, a lack of game breaking speed have caused some scouts to question his ability to be a true number one receiver in the league.

Treadwell obviously thinks otherwise and finished his plea to the NFL with one strong statement.

“Let me leave you with this thought: On draft night, when you’re looking for a playmaker, you’ll have to ask yourself: Do you want a guy who can read defenses to get open? That’s me. Do you want a guy who can move the chains? That’s me. Do you want a guy who will battle for every jump ball and every touchdown? That’s me.”

Treadwell is projected by many to be taken in the 12-20 range of round one, within the range where the Titans currently sit at number fifteen.

There is no doubt that Treadwell is on the Titans radar, though it is doubtful that he will be their pick if they remain in their current position.

Still Treadwell will most likely be a first round selection and make someone a quality wide out regardless of if he can become a true number one receiver for that team.

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