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Top corner is now an free agent and looking for a new team and a payday.

Now that Josh Norman is a free-agent, teams are in a frenzy to try to sign one of the best corners in the league. Is he a good fit for the Titans?

The big NFL news from Wednesday came late in the day when word broke that the Carolina Panthers had rescinded the franchise tag on their star corner Josh Norman making him a free-agent.

Almost immediately following the reports of his release speculation began as to where Norman might land, one of those teams who found themselves in the forefront of that speculation was the Tennessee Titans who have a need for help at corner and the cap space to support a contract in the range that Norman is reportedly seeking. 

According to reports, Norman is seeking a deal that would pay him in the range of $16 million per season. A steep figure for a 29 year old corner who is closer to the end than the beginning of his career.

And while Norman is considered a top corner now, he has not always been considered as such throughout his career.

In 2015 however, Norman was arguably the best corner in all of football as Pro Football Focus recorded him giving up just 49 receptions for 9.3 yards per catch.  Anyone who watched Norman play last season witnessed how well he played and how difficult it was to go at him.

Is he worth $16 million per season. Is he the best corner in football and will  he be one of the best again in 2016.

Those are all questions that must be considered by teams when deciding to attempt to sign Norman.

Some consider his performance last season an aberration perhaps caused by the talent he played with on the Panthers defense. Some consider him overrated because he plays more zone than man-to-man, which is the preferred coverage of Dick LeBeau and the Titans defense.

Norman is a very good corner, there is no denying that. His status as a first-team All-Pro last year signified that.

But is he a fit for the Titans?

General manager Jon Robinson and the Titans have just under $30 million in cap space and has proven he is not afraid to make bold moves  as he attempts to rebuild the Titans roster.

Starting corner Jason McCourty  is come off a groin injury that required two surgeries and limited him to four games in 2015. Having a top flight corner like Norman along with Perrish CoxBrice McCain and Antoine Blake would give the Titans a solid cornerback grouping. There are certainly no negatives in that scenario.

But is Norman a good fit as a zone corner as opposed to a man-to-man player LeBeau favors.

That's the question that Robinson must answer before he can attempt- if he so desires- to try to sign Norman to a contract. Having that order of business concluded could well change how the Titans, or any team signing Norman approaches the draft.

Robinson spoke of having "currency" in regards to the draft, and it is no secret that he would prefer to build the Titans through that process rather than signing free-agents, but Norman is a different kind of free-agent and might be to good to pass up.  

It's a waiting game, but the wait shouldn't take long since the draft is just seven days away and if Norman is not a Titans by then, he likely won't be this season.

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Whatever happens, teams will likely be scrambling to sign Norman before the start of the NFL Draft next Thursday 

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