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It's finally, officially NFL Draft week, and we couldn't be happier that it's almost over.

It's finally NFL Draft week, and the teams, fans and media are ready for all the hard work and speculation to end.

It's officially draft week for the Tennessee Titans and their thirty-one other league brethren as the final countdown toward the start of Thursday's first round of the NFL Draft draws closer, and we're all ecstatic.

It's been a long, tiring process for each team as they have visited pro-days, interviewed players- some multiple times- watched and re-watched film, poured over scouting reports and other information on every potential prospect in an attempt to know every detail about those individuals to be prepared for this week.

Now as the final week is upon them, teams are making the final adjustments to their board, re-examining their draft plans, going through every scenario and talking with every single team to gauge the potential and cost of any and every trade they might potentially decide to make.

As for the media, we are glad it is almost over because we have exhausted every possible angle that our teams might venture, and because we have worn out our welcome with mock drafts. In short, it's a tiring exercise for everyone in the media and our sources with whom we correspond with daily, and the agents we call for details weekly.

The fans are full of anticipation and are equally as tired of the endless speculation and of reading every mock draft filled with logical and illogical possibilities and equally interesting trade rumors and possible deals.

The Titans enter Thursday holding nine total picks, with one in round one on opening day, and the rest scattered over Friday -rounds two and three- and Saturday's rounds four through seven. Of those nine picks, six come in the top 76 selections of the entire draft. That is unless the Titans and general manager Jon Robinson decide to use that draft "currency" to move up in round one, which has been speculated.

While I dislike a move up, and feel that those nine picks can be parlayed into valuable additions to the roster, I'm not Robinson and don't know his exact plan. He could well decide to move forward and return to a position to select a specific player who might slide into a range where a trade might be feasible and worthwhile for the Titans to move up.

Exactly what will take place over those three days remain to be seen, but whatever happens, it will be a welcome end to this year's draft season for all of us.

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