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Chance Warmack is set to enter the final season of his rookie contract and things have been tough on him of late.

Chance Warmack is almost always happy and smiling. He is one of the most pleasant NFL players you would ever want to meet, but his mean streak comes out from time to time as it did in a recent interview this week where he had some very pointed comments about a former position coach.

Chance Warmack is almost always smiling and pleasant to talk with, in fact, he's so happy that he is a daily stop in the locker room following practices for a quick conversation and a laugh or two.

The Tennessee Titans selected Warmack with the 10th overall selection in the 2013 NFL Draft, to fill a pressing need at the guard position. The former first team All-American guard out of the University of Alabama has been through a lot of coaching changes in his first three seasons with the team.

His play has come into question as being inconsistent at times during his tenure and just this week it was announced that the Titans would not pick up the fifth year option on Warmack's rookie contract.

It has been a tumultuous three seasons for Warmack and the Titans as the team has endured three head coaches, offensive coordinators and offensive line coaches during that time.

Through it all, Warmack has maintained that smile and boyish charm even when he was the subject of negative comments about his performance.

Warmack has spent the last two off seasons working out in Arizona with former NFL offensive lineman LeCharles Bentley at his O-Line Performance Center in Chandler where the Titans guard has worked to improve his body and his game.

While in Arizona, Warmack took part in an offensive line round table  for CBS Sports Pete Prisco along with three other offensive linemen, and in that interview, Warmack stepped out of character and shared what was really on his mind concerning some of the goings on with the Titans offensive line in the last two season.

In the article, Warmack was asked concerning the offensive line coaching in recent seasons for the Titans.

"I had one dude (coach) who played D-III football at linebacker. And he's teaching me how to play offensive line? If there's nothing wrong with that, you tell me. I play offensive line. I don't play linebacker. I definitely didn't play D-III football. Not knocking D-III schools out there. We're talking about the highest level of football in the world," said Warmack. "And you have a guy who has never put his hand in the dirt teaching me how to block. You don't think there's anything wrong with that? I appreciate a coach who is open-minded to questions and comments. They don't want to hear a question that questions their philosophy. When they are closed-minded, it stunts the growth of the offensive lineman."

While Warmack did not mention anyone by name, his comment was undoubtedly aimed at his former offensive line coach Bob Bostad., Bostad was brought in under former head coach Ken Whisenhunt and remained until the hiring of current head coach Mike Mularkey.

That's a pretty strong comment from a player who through three years has been anything but confrontational or challenging in his comments. 

New offensive line coach Russ Grimm is now tasked with fixing not only Warmack, but his line mate Taylor Lewan and new rookie offensive tackle Jack Conklin in hopes of turning the Titans offensive line into a productive unit, and for Warmack, there is just one year to do it.

General manager Jon Robinson when addressing the Titans decision to pass on Warmack's fifth year option, he did not rule out resigning his guard to a new contract in the future.

If that is to happen, it's up to Grimm and Warmack to make sure that the smiling Titan has the best season of his career.

Both he, and the Titans could us it,

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