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Top pick Jack Conklin will wear #78 for Titans.

The Tennessee Titans ten rookie draft picks have their numbers, though some will still change before the season.

The Tennessee Titans added 10 new players to their roster in last months NFL Draft, and those new players now have their jersey numbers as the begin their Titans career.

These numbers could change following training camp, and some will definitely change like rookie running back Derrick Henry, so for now, I wouldn't rush out and buy a jersey just yet.

First round pick Jack Conklin will wear #78 for the Titans after wearing #74 during his career at Michigan State.

Kevin Dodd, the first of the Titans three second round picks will wear #93 for the Titans after wearing #98 at Clemson. Brian Orakpo currently has #98 for the Titans and the veteran is not giving that up for the rookie. Dodd will have some big shoes to fill in #93, as Kyle Vanden Bosch was the last player to wear that jersey for the Titans.  

The Titans second selection in round two, Austin Johnson will wear #94 for the Titans after donning #99 at Penn State. Of course the current Titan who owns #99 is Pro-Bowler Jurrell Casey, who will also not be making a change for the rookie defensive tackle.

Heisman Trophy winning running back Derrick Henry, the third, second round pick for the Titans will wear #2 to begin his Titans career. Henry wore both #27 at the start of his career, and #2 last season. He will not wear #27, and NFL rules prevent him from wearing #2 during the regular season, so his number will change before the start of the regular season.      

Third round pick, safety Kevin Byard, who wore #20 for MTSU, will also wear that number with the Titans. Running back Bishop Sankey currently wears #20 but because Byard plays defense, the team can have two players with the same number during the preseason. This does not sound like good news for Sankey, as the former second round pick could see his days with the Titans coming to an end with the depth at running back, the additions of DeMarco Murray and Henry along with his limited production so far in his career.

Fifth round pick, wide receiver Tajae Sharpe will wear #87 heading into training camp. Music City Miracle hero Kevin Dyson was the most notable player to wear that number for the Titans.

Fellow fifth round pick, cornerback Leshaun Sims will wear #36, the same number he sported at Southern Utah.

Sixth round pick, guard Sebastian Tretola will wear #79 for the Titans after having #73 at Arkansas.

Linebacker Aaron Wallace will wear #52 for the Titans after holding #51 at UCLA.

And finally, Mr. Irrelevant, former Southern Miss cornerback Kalan Reed will wear #32 for the Titans after having #11 for the Eagles. The last player for the Titans to wear #32 and have an impact on the team was former first round pick Adam "Pacman" Jones.

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