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While the Titans have filled their need areas with players, there is still one area that is still a concern heading into the season.

While the Titans have filled their need areas with players, there is still one area that is still a concern heading into the season.

Jon Robinson and the Titans staff did a great job of filling the need for players at every position of need for the team, there are still concerns in one area in particular,  but as the rookies report to St. Thomas Sports Park this week for the start of the Tennessee Titans rookie mini-camp, two of those rookies will compete for a roster spot in an area that the Titans are desperate to upgrade in 2016.

The secondary has been in need of a talent upgrade in recent years, and the 2015 season turned into a disaster following the seasons ending injury to cornerback Jason McCourty. While McCourty is ready to go for the start of the 2016 season, his ability to stay healthy and on the field is a key concern for the coaching staff and the teams fortunes this season.

McCourty and Perrish Cox are penciled in as starters heading into training camp and Robinson added free-agents Brice McCain and Antwon Blake to the position group. While both those players might seem like an upgrade over the second team corners of a season ago, neither of them are considered top line starters.

Blidi Wreh-Wilson and B.W. Webb are also still on the roster along with Cody Riggs and Curtis Riley who is returning from a season ending injury. Wreh-Wilson struggled the last two seasons and could find himself on the outside before it's over.

Webb joined the Titans as a free-agent addition and has done little to inspire confidence in him as a viable option as a starter.

Riggs played well at times last season for an undrafted free-agent rookie, but is undersized and inexperienced. He is likely a better fit as a slot corner than a starter on the outside, but can bring value at that position.

Riley is an unknown because of his injury in training camp. He preformed well prior to the injury and the prevailing thought was that he had a real shot to make the roster as another undrafted rookie, but he must now attempt to stay healthy and prove it on the field. His year on injured reserve should mean that he knows the playbook and system and should be able to perform well with the mental part going into this camp.

Rookie draft picks Leshaun Sims and Kalan Reed will also compete for a spot in this group, and both have some intriguing upside as players, though both played at smaller schools and will have to prove they can play against the talent at this level. 

The depth is better, but the Titans could still be one injury away from finding themselves in a similar position to last season if either McCourty of Cox miss any extended time, so someone in this group must be counted on to step into that role as a second team player capable of starting if need be.

If the Titans can't find that someone, then this season could well be another struggle to cover people in the secondary.

One thing is for certain, this training camp must produce some quality depth from the host of players available to choose from.

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