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Make no mistake, these are not the same ole Tennessee Titans of the last few season. Jon Robinson is making sure of that.

Things are definitely changing inside the halls of St. Thomas Sports Park for the Tennessee Titans, and Jon Robinson is making sure of it.

If you are one who thinks the Tennessee Titans are the same franchise now that they were before, you might be totally wrong, and pleasantly surprised to learn that "times, they are a changing" and there is very little doubt about it.

Titans controlling owner Amy Adams-Strunk had been the source of much speculation as to her level of care and concern for the franchise her late father founded and cherished. Those concerns have been dismissed of late with the moves she has made and her increasing presence in front of fans and media members alike.

We all know the moves made by Strunk of late, and while there have been some bold moves there is no need to rehash them again. She is proving that she is indeed in control of things with the Titans and she has her hand picked man in place to make things happen.

New general manager Jon Robinson is that guy for Strunk, and anyone who thought her hiring of Robinson was because he was a "yes man" for management are sadly mistaken.

While Robinson is definitely a company man and will work for Strunk, he is in charge and he is free to make any move he sees fit to resurrect this team and make it a winning team on the field.

Robinson made the bold move to trade the No.1 overall pick in the draft for a kings ransom in picks in return, He then traded back up into the first round to select tackle Jack Conklin

On Monday morning Robinson proved once again that he is not afraid to make a move, any move. He also perhaps sent a message to one of more current Titans on the roster when he released backup quarterback Zach Mettenberger as part of a move to add four new players to the teams roster.

Mettenberger was a late round pick of the Titans two seasons ago under former general manager Ruston Webster. Now he is free to sign with whomever wants him.

It's no secret that Mettenberger's best friend on the Titans roster is tackle Taylor Lewan, who himself is a player who has struggled at times and been the source of some speculation about his position with the team. Could this have been a move to gain his attention?

Even if that was not part of the thought process in this move, it could be a welcome side affect and it will certainly be recognized and felt in the locker room.

The Titans are a team in transition in more ways than one, and while that transition will take more time, it is happening like it or not.

It will take some time to see if this message hits home with certain players, but notice has been served that if you don't produce, you are gone.

It's a new day in Tennessee, and things are a changing, and that's a good thing for fans of this team.

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