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Titans guard Chance Warmack doesn't think much about his contract, he just wants to play football.

Titans guard Chance Warmack doesn't think much about his contract and the fact that the Titans recently declined to pick up his fifth year option, he just wants to play football.

A lot has been said and written in regard to Tennessee Titans offensive guard Chance Warmack over the first three years of his NFL career, and not all of it has been of the positive variety at times.

Warmack joined the Titans as a first-round draft pick following an All-American career at the University of Alabama where he was part of a team that won multiple national championships and was littered with NFL talent. Since his arrival however, Warmack has been up and down in his performance as a Titan.

As the the 10th pick in the 2013 draft, Warmack has started all but two games in his three years with the team.

Some of Warmack's issues can most certainly be tied to the revolving doors at center and right tackle beside him where injuries and inconsistent play have also had an impact on the former Crimson Tide stars performance.

Now the Titans are intent on building a top flight offensive line and Warmack is an intricate part of their plan for 2016. The team however recently refused to pick up the fifth year option on Warmack's rookie contract, meaning that he could become a free-agent at the end of this season.

Part of the reason for refusing to pick up the contract option is because of money. If the Titans had picked up that fifth-year option it  would have set Warmack up for a salary in the range of $11 to $12 million in 2017, a figure the Titans were not willing to pay based on his on-field performance to this point.

Since the announcement of the team refusing to pick up the option, there has been no public comment from Warmack or his representatives, until Tuesday that is.

"I'm really not worried about it man, I'm just working hard to be the best guard I can be and that's not even a consideration for me at this point," said Warmack.

"Things like that it's a business decision and you don't have any control over this things, (so) all you can do is focus on the task at hand and that's just trying to be the best that I can be," continued Warmack. "I'm worried about my teammates and trying to be a good teammate and just win games you know."

Warmack has spent the last two off seasons working out in Arizona at a facility along with other NFL lineman. Part of that off season training has centered around reshaping his body and getting stronger. While he will never be an Adonis, the hard work Warmack has put in over this last off season is noticeable in seeing him without his shirt on.

He has added some muscle to his frame and lost some more of his very famous stomach that started its own craze  called "Warmacking" at Alabama.

I'm trying to be one of the better guards on the team, and I'm trying to help my teammates by opening lanes for the running backs and help the quarterback by just contributing as much as I can," said Warmack.

"I just want to play football, be the best player I can be and win games, that all I want," concluded Warmack.

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