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The Tennessee Titans completed their three day mini-camp with an abbreviated practice on Wednesday.

The Tennessee Titans completed their three day mini-camp with an abbreviated practice on Wednesday.

The Tennessee Titans concluded their three day mini-camp on Wednesday as the team was scheduled to hit the field for the final  one-hour and forty-five minute practice before being dismissed for the final break before the start of training camp and preseason on the 29th of July.

Things didn't go according to the script when the team exited the locker room for the practice field.

After a few minuets of routing warm ups, the players took to their positions for the team stretch when after just a minute of stretching the entire team was called to a huddle in the middle of the practice field where the team's controlling owner, Amy  Adams-Strunk was on hand to speak to the team.

After Adam-Strunk's talk, the team was informed that they would have a chance to avoid the final practice if they could complete a 300 yard shuttle run in under one minute.

Justin Hunter was the first player to jump to his feet to volunteer- no pun intended- to run the relay, but he would not be one of the runners even though he is one of the fastest players on the team.

Instead, his teammates of the larger body-type would be chosen to run the relay.

Defensive tackle DaQuan Jones, offensive tackle Taylor Lewan, defensive tackle Angelo Blackson and offensive guard Chance Warmack were today's sprinters, though only Lewan would be considered fast for a man their size.

The time to beat was one-minutes, and the foursome turned the feat in :45 seconds to get themselves and their teammates out of practicing in the 98 degree midday heat.

When the four players took their positions to run the majority of the team surrounded Warmack to offer encouragement as the big guard was the anchor leg  

"I knew he could do it, I've been working with him on his speed," said wide receiver Kendall Wright. "He's still slow, but he was fast enough today."

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The majority of players admitted after the abbreviated practice that they were the least concerned with Lewan who runs extremely well for a man his size, while those same players were concerned that Warmack might have the most trouble closing the deal.

"Anything for the team man," said Warmack after his run. "I don't just preach it, I do it."

"Seriously though, I was like oh no when coach (Mularkey) called my name and I knew I was last and it was all on me," continued Warmack. "I just had to do it for my teamamate to not let them down, and for me too, cause I knew I was getting out of practice.

Warmack admitted that while he was somewhat nervous about the run, the biggest concern was not dropping the baton.

"I knew if that happened I was done," concluded Warmack.

The Titans now dismiss to enjoy their final break with the message of don't be that guy, the one who gets their head coach called in the middle of the night to inform him that someone has done something stupid.

See you all July 29.

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