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An article from Awful Announcing told the story of the current situation of Media, and it was confusing at best.

An article from Awful Announcing told the story of the current situation of Media, and it was confusing at best.

An article from the internet site Awful Announcing became public on Monday night in which they detailed recent developments within Scout Media Inc which is our parent company here at TitanRedZone.

The article detailed the events that myself and every other publisher in our network of sports websites that includes our 32 NFL team sites and hundreds of college site on the network It was a very thorough  story that detailed the power struggled that has taken place withing the upper management of the company in recent days.

We first became aware of the issues late Sunday night when an email was sent to all publishers detailing a small portion of what had gone on surrounding the ouster of chairman James Heckman from his position within the company.

According to the email, Heckman was dismissed for "Cause" under his employment agreement. The email then gave details of the cause of this action by the board of directors of the company.

A copy of the email is below for those who wish to read it in its entirety.

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 Early Monday morning we received an email from Heckman denying the claims made in the initial email. A copy of this email is below.

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In light of these emails, there were obvious concerns and confusion among publishers when we all gathered for a publishers conference call Monday afternoon to hear from those in charge, including one member of the board of directors. Details were shared and questions were answered concerning the situation. Some things became clear while there are still some undetermined details that remain. 

We don't have all the answers and we do not know who will be chosen to lead our company going forward, but one thing was clear from the conversations between publishers and our bosses who remain in place.

We aren't going anywhere!

As a collective group, we the publishers will continue to publish content and run our sites in the same way we have before. You our readers won't notice a change and there will be no disruptions in  our coverage of the team.

Things change, and this is not the first, and won't be the last time that executives change, but then your trust in our writing isn't based on an executive in a corporate office. Your trust in Scout is in we the publishers and our commitment is to you our readers, and continuing to provide the best coverage possible including our coverage of the Tennessee Titans.

Time are changing for us inside the company but we move forward, and we hope that you will continue with us on this, and every other Scout Media Inc. site.

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