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The events in our country over the last two weeks forced me to examine the role of the media and sports in today's world.

The events of the last two weeks have brought out deep emotions in many people, great concern among others and fear throughout. With the start of football season just days away it seems appropriate that I examine the role of sports and the media in today's events.

This might be the hardest, most uneasy thing I've ever written, but I feel it needs to be said in an attempt to do my small part to heal the divide in our country just days before the Tennessee Titans and their thirty-one league partners begin training camp in preparation for the upcoming season.

I don't want to become too political, though I have strong feelings and opinions, this is not the place for that. I also do not want to assign blame because there is plenty to go around and blaming will do nothing to heal what we are witnessing grow daily in this country.

Instead what I want to do is attempt to bring people together in the one thing that unites us regardless of our differences.

Sports, and in particular, the NFL..

When we watch the Titans play on Sundays we don't see a quarterback of Hawaiian decent, an African-American running back or receiver or a white offensive lineman. We see the Tennessee Titans, the two-tone blue.and we cheer for our teams because of their collective effort to win a game and entertain us in the process.

When I walk into the locker room on Sunday or after a weekday practice, I don't see a black linebacker, I see Brian Orakpo. I don't see a black offensive lineman, I see Chance Warmack and when I look across the isle I don't see a white tackle, I see Taylor Lewan. These men are more than the color of their skin, they are human beings and they are Titans.

For me it's really that simple, and I assume that those individuals look at me the same when I am standing with them talking football.

Football, and spots in general are one aspect of our world that unites and brings people from all walks of life together for the common cause of cheering for their favorite team. We might not like a player from team X, but it's not because of the color of his skin, it's because he beat our favorite team or because he talked trash to our favorite team, not because of his color.

We in the media, even those of us in the world of sports have a duty- at least I feel we do- to bring people together with our voices rather than tearing them apart.

Mainstream media is a divisive force, showing only the worst in humanity, but that doesn't mean that all in the media want division. That's where the idea for this article originated.

It might no be much. but I'm willing to do my part to try to help bring people together for a common cause, even if it is sports and only lasts a few hours.

It has to start somewhere, so why not with those of us in the sports world and those who follow us and our teams.

The season can't get here soon enough to give us something to hopefully rally around and bring people together for a common cause that bridges any divides we might have.


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