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The Tennessee Titans traded for running back DeMarco Murray before this years draft, but at least one person thinks he's overrated.

The Tennessee Titans traded for running back DeMarco Murray before this years draft to hopefully fix their woeful running game, but at least one person in the media thinks Murray is overrated.

There are some who think  DeMarco Murray is overrated and has fallen off the running back cliff.  

If you listen to Pete Pricso of CBS Sports, that's exactly what the former league leading rusher is at this point in his NFL career. 

Jon Robinson made big news in Nashville and around the NFL when in one of his first acts as the Tennessee Titans new general manager when he traded away a draft pick for Murray in a deal that most people believed was a winner for the Titans despite the struggles of Murray last season then Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly's stretch running game.

Murray managed just 703 yards on 193 carries after signing with the Eagles as the prize free-agent of the 2014 class. It was a move that was expected to vault the Eagles offense to the top of the league after Murray lead the NFL in rushing with 1,845 yards the year before with Dallas.

In an article that appeared on CBS Sports website on Thursday, Prisco, who is sometimes controversial and a contrarian authored an article examining the most overrated player on all 32 league teams. Murray won that honor for the Titans.  

"While most people thing his one-year stop in Philadelphia will turn out to be an aberration, I do not. I think his carrer is on the downside. He averaged 3.6 per carry last season and he's entering his sixth season. Running backs careers go off a cliff. Is his?"  

It's true that running backs have a shorter shelf life than other positions, but I am of the belief that Murray is not done yet.

During the recent mini-camp, Murray looked good physically, showed speed and ran with a physical nature that lead most in the local media to feel like he has a chip on his shoulder and something to prove this season.

Of course a lot of his, and the Titans success in 2016 will rest on the shoulders of the offensive line. No running back can be successful without the big guys up front doing their job. If that unit can  produce then I expect to see Murray have a solid, bounce back season for the Titans.

Even though Robinson made the trade for Murray, he hedged his bet when he selected Heisman Trophy winner Derrick Henry with the 45th over all pick in the second round of April's draft. 

Some people questioned that call at the time considering they had just recently acquired Murray. Robinson didn't blink, saying that both backs would share the load.

Of course Henry's future success rests on the backs of his offensive linemen, but the Titans have expressed openly their desire to run the football. If Murray struggles, they have his replacement in house.

If Murray returns at, or near the form he showed two seasons ago in Dallas, then the Titans will be in great shape with a top tier NFL back and a battering ram replacement when he needs a breather.

Only time will tell, and Pricso could be proven correct, but I'm not willing to bet against Murray just yet.

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