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Times they are a changing for the Tennessee Titans in 2016, but is that optimism and hope enough to transform the franchise fortunes?

Times are a changing for the Tennessee Titans in 2016, but is that optimism and hope enough to transform the franchise fortunes this season?

We've heard this theme for the past two years, things are changing for the Tennessee Titans annauseamd 2016 will prove that the optimism and hope currently surrounding the start of this season has this franchise is on the right track. 

It was just two seasons ago when this organization insisted that change was coming and the hope and optimism that came with then new head coach Ken Whisenhunt was warranted. The 2014 season ended with just two wins and a ton of questions for the franchise entering that off season, including who would become the team's franchise quarterback when former first round pick Jake Locker's contract was no renewed.

The Titans found their franchise quarterback in the 2015 draft with the selection of Marcus Mariota. Optimism and hope once again arose inside St. Thomas Sports Park and among fans in general.

Last season turned into a nightmare as Mariota was injured twice, missing time with two knee injuries-one to each knee- and Whisenhunt was fired in favor of interim head coach Mike Mularkey. The team limped to a 3-13 record and earned the top overall selection in the 2016 draft.

The changes a and events of the last off season are well detailed and has been dissected ad nauseam, yet once again it is optimism and hope for a better season that beam from the Titans organization.

Sooner or later things have to turn, right? After all, the NFL is a cyclical thing where you are never on top for ever and never at the bottom as well- though people in Cleveland might disagree with that statement- so the hope is there for this to be the season we see the Titans fortunes turn for the better.

At least that is the hope for this season, though no one expects the Titans to be a Super Bowl contender this season. Still the optimism and hope are for this team to win more than the five total games the franchise has accumulated the previous two seasons.

The most optimistic of players, media and fans are hopeful that this season will be one that we look back on in the next few years as the point where things changed.

While it's purely speculative on my part, I'm betting that when fans walk onto the sidelines of the Titans practice fields at St. Thomas Sports Park later this afternoon, the air will be filled with that optimism and hope that has been the calling card for this franchise the last two seasons.

The big question remains, will that optimism and hope transition to success for the Titans in 2016. 

Time will tell, but the wait is finally over as training camp opens today.

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