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Reaction is mixed to the news of the Tennessee Titans trade of receiver Dorial Green-Beckham to Philadelphia for lineman Dennis Kelly

The Tennessee Titans trade of wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham to Philadelphia for lineman Dennis Kelly has drwan mixed reviews. We analyze the move here.

When news of the Tennessee Titans trade of talented but under performing wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham on Tuesday morning, the reaction was swift and divided.

Green-Beckham provided a solid yet unspectacular rookie season with 32 receptions  for 549 yards for a 17.2 yard average with a long reception of 47 yards and 4 scores in his initial campaign. Those numbers, while not spectacular are acceptable for a player who was a project coming into the NFL after having sat out the previous season after transferring from Missouri to Oklahoma.

Yet Green-Beckham continued to struggle in training camp this season with inconsistency in catching the football and how he worked at times on the field. The term inconsistency was the biggest buzz word for DGB entering and throughout this training camp. Those struggles prompted the trade by general manager Jon Robinson

Still some are convinced that the Titans gave up on the ultra-talented DGB too soon.

There is no denying the physical talents he possesses, and he showed tantalizing flashes of the ability he has that led people to feel he was the long-awaited No. 1 receiver the Titans have coveted for several seasons.

Much of the disagreement of the trade is not necessarily the trade of DGB, but what the Titans received in return. Enter Dennis Kelly an offensive lineman who many believe was on the bubble to be released by Philadelphia.

So perhaps you could have waited two week and gotten Kelly (which no one is arguing is a need position to fill) and retained DGB at the same time. There could also be other, better players who will be released and could be picked up with the Titans holding the first spot on the waiver wire.

There is also the school of thought that DGB was learning a new system this season, his second system in as many years in the league. People feel the team was too quick to give up on his potential while he was attempting to learn that new system.

I have no issue with the move to trade Green-Beckham, though I feel some sympathy for his plight.

Consider this for DGB. He will now be starting over once again with his third offense in two season, which is obviously a struggle for him to learn. Yes he had his troubles in college, but he was a model season (as far as we know) with the Titans as his name did not appear on the police blotter in Nashville.

What I do have concerns about is the return for Green-Beckham.

This is an important role that the Titans are filling and getting Kelly alone is far from spectacular considering the fact that multiple sources around the Eagles feel Kelly was a bubble player. Those are a dime a dozen.

Perhaps Robinson and Mularkey saw something in Kelly that the Eagles did not, and this move was to guarantee acquiring Kelly before he could potentially be kept by the Eagles.

Still it seems a questionable return for someone with such potential, and what if Kelly doesn't even make this roster.

What if DGB gets in on Philly and becomes the player his potential suggests he could be.

It would be a bad deal for the Titans if one, or both of those occur, yet Robinson was willing to take that chance.


There is obviously something behind the scenes with DGB that we the media, and fans do not know that prompted this move over what seems like common sense that the return was not worth the investment.

So what could have been the problem behind the scenes that prompted this move?

I don't want to speculate as to what might have happened on the other side of the building from our media room at St. Thomas Sports Park, but perhaps the writing was on the wall on Sunday when Mularkey called out DGB personally during his afternoon press conference to talk about Saturday night's preseason win over San Diego.

When asked about what he saw from receivers Justin Hunter and DGB, Mularkey spoke of the latter in less than flattering terms.

"A little bit of what we've seen in practices. Again, just a little bit of inconsistency. I think we made too many mistakes with DGB (Dorial Green-Beckham) early. I would have liked to see him have a chance to make that play on the go-route. I thought his release was poor which immediately gives you no chance on the deep ball<" said Mularkey. "Justin had some chances. We tried to take a shot down the field. He fell down. On the one, I know his feet got tangled up, but he should have gone over the corner. Things like that—we've got to just again—talking about consistency, and they know it. I don't have to keep reminding them. They know that."

Most people believed that Hunter would be the big name receiver to find his release by the Titans first, but  with today's move, the possibility of the Titans entering week one without either DGB or Hunter seems inevitable.  

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