Titan Draft Prospect Update 4-4-07

Ed Thompson spoke with one of the Titans top prospects from the southeastern conference this week. This top prospect has already worked out for the Titans and here is the Q&A session from that interview.

Ed Thompson: While you were in college, I know you faced some really really good receivers. Who do you think gave you the biggest challenge and why do you think that?

Chris Houston: Dwayne Bowe, because he had a lot of time to sit down and watch film of me since we played LSU the last game.  He's a big, physical wide receiver.

ET: You're a pretty aggressive defender yourself though right? You were credited with 22 passes broken up during your college career...

CH: Yes sir. We played a lot of bump-and-run and when we do that I want to get my hands on the wide receiver and just try to take him out the game. And I was able to do that to a lot of wide receivers that I faced this year.  I was assigned to the top receivers just about every game. It was real challenging, but it was fun, too.

ET: You did some outstanding work as a gunner on special teams and helped your team finish very high in net punting the one season largely due to the work you did. What's your secret to success as a gunner and is that something you're looking forward to doing again at the NFL level?

Chris Houston battling Louisiana-Monroe's LaGregory Sapp for the ball (AP Photo/David Quinn)
CH:  I love doing gunner. It's all about speed, and that's what my gunner coach taught me, just beat the man.  If they put one-on-one coverage out there, I knew I was faster then just about all the other guys.  Some other people on special teams really don't understand the importance of special teams. I would just run right by the defender and just try to down the ball on the one or make a big tackle. When you can down a ball on the one, that's just like the giving the offense six points, so I love being a gunner and that's something I would like to do in the NFL.

ET: After an impressive college career paired up with your Combine performance, you had to have been a pretty popular guy in Indianapolis when they started up the formal interview process. Which teams gave you the opportunity to meet with head coaches or general managers during those 15-minute formal interviews? 

CH: I got a chance to talk to 16 teams at the Combine.  I got to talk to Miami, Dallas, Houston, Carolina, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Denver, the New York Jets and Giants, San Francisco, Chicago, and a couple of others.

ET: When you were meeting with all these teams and had the chance to sit down with these coaches, what was it about you as a person you wanted them to know more then anything else?

CH: That I'm a Christian. I'm lucky to have both parents at home and I was raised in a Christian home. That's what's got me this far and that's something I wanted them to know.

ET: When you're not playing football and you're ready to just relax and have some fun what would we find you doing?

CH: I'm hanging with family, my nephews and nieces, watching my little cousin play football out in the yard. Just sitting around talking to my grandma and how she cooks. Nothing too amazing, but that's what I like to do.

ET: Do you also have any visits lined up yet?

CH: Yes sir. I'm visiting Washington Redskins, New York Jets, the Giants, and St. Louis Rams.

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