Marino's Report Card: AFC South

Former pro scout Tom Marino provides his insight on how the Colts, Jaguars, Texans and Titans did in this year's draft. Find out which two teams scored out well, and which two didn't based on his analysis.

Jacksonville Jaguars                              A-

Rnd Overall Name Pos School
1 21 Reggie Nelson DS Florida
2 48 Justin Durant OB Hampton
3 79 Mike Walker WR Central Florida
4 101 Adam Podlesh P Maryland
4 113 Brian Smith OB Missouri
5 149 Uche Nwaneri OG Purdue
5 150 Josh Gattis DS Wake Forest
5 166 Derek Landri DT Notre Dame
7 229 John Broussard WR San Jose State
7 251 Chad Nkang OB Elon College
7 252 Andrew Carnahan OT Arizona State

The Jaguars traded down in the first round, and although they sweated it out some, did in fact get the man they originally had targeted at the 21st slot. 

Second-round selection Justin Durant is a destructive, explosive force with a great deal of playing range and tenacity. The fans in Jacksonville are going to like this player a great deal. 

Michael Walker from nearby Central Florida U. has size and the type of speed one looks for in the vertical receiver. 

Fourth-round selections Adam Podlesh from Maryland and Brian Smith from Missouri are two impressive athletes who should play quickly. 

Uche Nwaneri (I love that name), a former defensive player, is an excellent zone-blocker with good rear power and finishing skills. 

Other fifth-round selections, Josh Gattis and Derek Landri, give the Jaguars two bright individuals who have played a lot of football at solid programs over the past two seasons. 

Although John Broussard is not very physical, I felt he had good position skills, athletic ability and was productive. 

Nkang figures to factor on special teams while developing as a nickel backer and/or strong safety. 

Andrew Carnahan is a giant who was injured and missed most of the 2006 season. 

Terry McDonough, the son of legendary writer, the late Will McDonough, has quietly established himself as one of football's top scouts. I'm very proud of his accomplishments both professionally and personally.

Tennessee Titans                               B-

Rnd Overall Name Pos School
1 19 Michael Griffin DS Texas
2 50 Chris Henry RB Arizona
3 80 Paul Williams WR Fresno State
4 115 Leroy Harris OC North Carolina State
4 128 Chris Davis WR Florida State
5 152 Antonio Johnson DT Mississippi State
6 188 Joel Filani WR Texas Tech
6 204 Jacob Ford DE Arkansas
6 206 Ryan Smith DC Florida
7 223 Mike Otto OT Purdue

Michael Griffin was a solid first-round choice for a club that has had a history of successfully building through the college draft. A former running back, Griffin was equally adept at filling the running lanes and defending the pass from the deep passing zones. 

Michael Griffin (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)
Arizona running back Chris Henry has all the tools one looks for in a back, but never established himself over a mediocre three-year career at the University of Arizona. The big question now is why? 

Third-round selection Paul Williams is another talented Fresno State player who had a disappointing senior season. Paul has a great athletic body, is intelligent, and runs well in his pads, but again, something appears to be missing. 

North Carolina State center Leroy Harris is a very hardworking, intelligent, efficient player who will very quietly carve out a 10- to 12-year career for himself in the professional game. 

The rest of the second-day selections are solid but unspectacular players who will reap the benefits of being coached by one of professional football's premier coaching staffs. The team's personnel director, Rich Snead, college director Mike Ackerley, and one of my favorite people in the business, Phil Neri, are just three people from one of the league's most experienced and efficient scouting staffs.

Indianapolis Colts                                  D

Rnd Overall Name Pos School
1 32 Anthony Gonzalez WR Ohio State
2 42 Tony Ugoh OT Arkansas
3 94 Daymeion Hughes DC California
3 97 Quinn Pitcock DT Ohio State
4 131 Brannon Condren DS Troy State
4 136 Clint Session LB Pittsburgh
5 169 Roy Hall WR Ohio State
5 173 Michael Coe DC Alabama State
7 242 Keyunta Dawson DE Texas Tech

Bill Polian is a veteran NFL personnel guru who did a superb job in putting together a world championship organization, but due to money constraints was inactive during the free agency period.  And for the first time since he joined the Colts, their college draft left me cold. 

Anthony Gonzalez (AP Photo/Tom Strickland)
First-round selection Anthony Gonzalez is a perfect complement to the Colts' high-octane passing attack as an inside receiver. 

Second-round selection Anthony Ugoh, has a great deal of athletic ability, but is a narrow based, waist-bender who lacks striking power. As a run blocker, I didn't think he was a good finisher. 

Daymeion Hughes from the University of California was the Colts' round-three selection, and although he showed excellent ball skills he does not have the speed (timed in 4.74 on my watch on the Indianapolis track in February) and was a non-factor when defending the run. 

Quinn Pitcock plays extremely hard, but in my opinion is a steady, journeyman type player. 

Brannon Condren from Troy impressed me with his toughness and play speed, but looked out of his element at Senior Bowl practice sessions. 

Roy Hall is a big, faster than quick, under the radar receiver who could surprise. 

Michael Coe is a senior transfer from the University of Arkansas and the son of one of the top college coaches in the country--Charlie Coe of Alabama State University. In 2006, Michael had a breakout season for his dad and also played well in two postseason All-Star games. He has everything you're looking for at the position with the exception of top speed and closing ability.

Houston Texans                                  D

Rnd Overall Name Pos School
1 10 Amobi Okoye DT Louisville
3 73 Jacoby Jones WR Lane College
4 123 Fred Bennett DC South Carolina
5 144 Brandon Harrison DS Stanford
5 163 Brandon Frye OT Virginia Tech
6 183 Kasey Studdard OG Texas
7 218 Zach Diles MB Kansas State

The Texans did little to address two of the team's most critical needs in this year's player draft--a quality every-down running back and people up front to protect the team's most important commodity, your quarterback. 

Amobi Okoye (Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Amobi Okoye, is a talented player who in time could become a dominant force on the inside. 

Third and fourth round selections Jacoby Jones and Fred Bennett are skilled players, but both lack top speed for their respective positions. 

Brandon Harrison, the Texans' fifth-round selection is a big, good-looking inside player who could well surprise. 

In the same round, the Texans took a flyer on another Brandon when they selected Brandon Frye, a good athlete who never played to the level that was expected of him as a collegiate player at Virginia Tech. 

Kasey Studdard from the University of Texas and Zachary Diles from Kansas State are solid college football players, but have little long-range playing potential.

The Texans appear to be moving in the right direction, but still have many holes to fill before they can be considered a perennial contender within the league.

Tom Marino is a veteran of 35 years in the player personnel field, most recently with the St. Louis Rams. He has worked in three professional leagues (NFL, USFL, and WFL), and among his many accomplishments, is credited with the discovery of Eric Swann, the first non-collegiate player since 1946 to be selected in the 1st round of the NFL college draft.

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