Titans Practice Report

Coach Jeff Fisher updates us on Mondays practice session and his game preparation for Washington this weekend.

Can you tell us what you think about Pacman Jones wrestling?

(No response)

Fisher: "As I said yesterday, we fully expected to get a lot of the injured players back, and we did. We got Courtney Roby back on the field. We got a couple of other guys back, so I'm pleased. I am especially pleased with the way practice went, considering the heat. If you turn and look behind me we had some guys that just ran extra in this heat. I thought it was a turning point for us, training camp-wise."

Did the day off allow the players to get their legs back a little?

Fisher: "Yeah it was great. This morning was hard because the timing wasn't good, but we got it back. Today was definitely a turning point for us. This was the hottest wet ball we have had and they pushed right through practice. They pushed and pulled each other along so it was a good day."

How does this offensive line compare to some in the past?

Fisher: "It has the potential to be one of the better ones that we have had. However, we were pretty solid in 1999 and 2000, especially with Bruce [Matthews] and Brad [Hopkins] and John [Runyan], but this one has the chance to be very good. That's one of the things that obviously we have to build the offense around and time for the quarterback to throw the ball. We have been talking a lot about the improvement at the tackles, and that is showing. I think we probably have more depth right now than we have ever had."

Is having all five starting linemen back is a plus?

Fisher: "It is a plus any time you get them all back; I think it's even a better situation when you have a quarterback that is from his first year into his second year. You have everybody returning and now you have a great chance for the quarterback to continue to develop."

What will Eric Moulds bring to the team this year?

Fisher: "Experience at the position. Play making experience. He is calm, poised and he has made a lot of plays. He knows how to get open; he knows how to run routes."

What do you think about rookie receiver Biren Ealy?

Fisher: "He is one of the major topics of discussions in the defensive backs meeting rooms at night because they are having a hard time covering him, which is a good thing. He is playing all of the positions right now, understands, which says a lot for someone who just got here. He understands the positions and he is making plays. So, he will be fun to watch during the preseason."

What do you think about the heat we are having here in Nashville?

Fisher: "It is going to pick up the next couple days. As I said last week, we would strongly encourage all the coaches in the area and the parents and student athletes participate to make sure they are hydrated and take care of themselves, because it could potentially be very dangerous."

Have you decided on playing time for the 1st pre-season game?

Fisher: "Not yet. That is something that we will talk about in the next couple days. I don't see it changing from previous pre-seasons. We are going to take a look at everybody. How long, I don't know, but I would say this – we are going to play people a little longer than you would expect because we need to."

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