Titans Position Analysis: Wide Receiver

Receiver is the biggest question mark of the Titans roster. The roster is filled with guys that have a lot of potential but haven't done much on the field. All of these guys have a shot at a lot of playing time this year. Who is going to step up and take advantage?

Eric Moulds- The addition of Moulds right before training camp could prove to be the Titans' biggest offseason acquisition. He is having a great camp and seems to catch everything that comes his way. While he is not the deep threat that he was earlier in his career, he is consistent. Vince needs a guy that is going to run precise routes and catch the ball when it is delivered. Eric Moulds is that guy.

Brandon Jones- Jones is the guy that most people think is going to step up and be the #1 receiver. He is the only returning receiver to have double digit catches from last season (27). Jones was having a great rookie season that got cut short by an ACL injury. Most people say it takes two full years to come back from an ACL injury. Jones showed flashes of being back last year but was obviously not 100%. I look for Jones to return to the form he showed early in his rookie season and have a great year.

Courtney Roby- Roby was drafted in the same class as Brandon Jones and Roydell Williams. Roby hasn't done much to this point in his NFL career, but he is having a great camp. If he continues the good play he could challenge to be the third receiver.

Roydell Williams- A lot of people said the Titans got the steal of the draft when they took Williams in 2005. He has suffered a lot of injuries that have kept him off the field. Of the returning receivers from the 2006 roster Williams had the most receiving yards behind Jones with 121. His roster spot could be in jeopardy though if he cannot get on the field and make some plays this preseason.

Justin Gage- Gage was signed in the offseason from the Chicago Bears. Gage had 31 catches for the Bears in 2005 but only 4 in 2006. He missed some time early in camp with a toe injury so he is going to need to prove himself in the upcoming preseason games.

Jonathan Orr- Orr was a late round draft pick in 2006. He spent most of the season on the practice squad. The Titans drafted Orr based on his potential. He is going to get every shot to show that he can make the plays necessary to be an NFL receiver. That being said, he seems to be a long shot to make this roster.

Paul Williams- Williams was the Titans' 3rd round draft pick in this year's draft. He shows the most potential of the three rookies that were drafted. His play was a bit inconsistent in college but he showed that he has big play ability. The Titans view Williams as a bit of a project. Anything they get from him in 2007 will be gravy.

Chris Davis- Davis is the second of the three receivers drafted in 2006. He seems to be a lock to make the roster because of his return ability. It also appears that he and Roby are the front runners for the slot position. He is a small, shifty receiver that will remind Titans' fans of a young Derrick Mason.

Joel Filani- Filani had the most prolific college career of the 3 receivers the Titans drafted this year. He has had a quiet camp so far. If he doesn't step his play up he could be in jeopardy of not making it through the cuts as well.

Biren Ealy- Ealy was signed by the Titans as an undrafted free agent. He played high school ball with Vince Young and college ball at the University of Houston. He has made some plays in camp. It is not likely that he will make the roster, but he has probably made enough plays to earn a spot on the practice squad.

On opening day you will probably see Moulds and Jones as the #1 and #2 receivers with Roby as the slot receiver. A lot of people are down on the Titans because of the guys at receiver, but I think receiver will prove to not be as weak of a position as many of the so called experts think.

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