Young Sits, Titans Falter

The Titans open the 2007 pre-season with a 14-6 loss to the Washington Redskins and QB Vince Young on the sidelines.

   The Tennessee Titans started the 2007 preseason sluggish and with QB Vince Young on the sidelines after being suspended by coach Jeff Fisher for undisclosed team violations. Despite the suspension all three running backs looked strong running the ball and TE Bo Scaife led the receiving corps with four catches for 27 yards. WR Brandon Jones also caught three passes for 34 yards during the first half.

   The Titans lead the game over the Redskins for the first 58 minutes and 46 seconds before giving up two late scores for a final score of 14-7. The contest was marred by numerous mistakes on both sides of the ball and a very vanilla offensive attack.

   With the struggles on offense the one bright side for the Titans was the defensive play of both the line in the secondary during the game. The defensive line totaled five sacks defense to tackle Tony Brown leading the way with one sack and three solo tackles. Both the first team and second-team secondary played well during the games giving the defense hope for the impending season.

   The rushing attack was limited by the defenses run by the Redskins by stacking the box with a eight defenders limiting running backs Chris Brown, LenDale White and Chris Henry to limited yardage. Both Chris Brown and LenDale White carried the ball equally during the first half, with Chris Brown getting the start. Rookie running back Chris Henry looked good where he totaled 42 yards on 14 carries during the second half.

   This leaves the Titans still searching to find a rhythm with the first team going into their first preseason road game next week against the New England Patriots.


Titan Red Zone Top Stories

Team Statistics
Redskins Titans
Time of Possession 28:22 31:38
First Downs 15 15
Rushing 4 5
Passing 10 9
Penalty 1 1
3rd-Down efficiency 6-15-40% 5-18-28%
4th-Down efficiency 0-0--% 1-2-50%
Red-Zone Efficiency 1-1-100% 0-1-0%
Goal-To-Go Efficiency 1-1-100% 0-0--%
Total net yards 244 286
Total plays 60 72
Average gain 4.1 4.0
Net yards rushing 77 84
Rushes 27 34
Average yards per rush 2.9 2.5
Rushing TDs 1 0
Net yards passing 167 202
Completed-attempted 15-28 23-38
Average yards per pass 5.1 5.3
Passing TDs 0 0
Sacked-yards lost 5-39 0-0
Had intercepted 0 0
Return Yardage 54 75
Punts-returns 3-12 6-54
Punt-Return TDs 0 0
Kickoffs-returns 2-42 1-21
Kickoff-return TDs 0 0
Interceptions-returns 0-0 0-0
Interception-Return TDs 0 0
Field Goals Made 0-1-0% 2-3-67%
Extra Points Made 2-2-100% 0-0--%
Two-Point Conversions Made 0-0--% 0-0--%
Penalties-yards 3-30 6-48
Fumbles-lost 2-1 4-1
Own-Recovered-yards 1-0 3--35
Own-Recovered-TDs 0 0
Opp-Recovered-Yards 1-0 1-0
Opp-Recovered-TDs 1 0