Titans Press Pass: Jeff Fisher

Titansinsiders gets the answers from Coach Jeff Fisher after the loss to the Washinton Redskins.

(opening statements)

Fisher: "I think what you saw was a classic preseason game, number one. (I) saw good things early, the defense tackled well, we had sacks, we had very, very good special teams plays early with our kicking game and return game. And then when you start making subs and getting further and further into the ballgame you start seeing some breakdowns, special teams fell apart with the penalties and then we just obviously gave up a good many plays that we need to win the game."

"We set out to win the game--that was our goal. It didn't happen. But, I am sure we are going to look at the tape and see some good things. One of the things I was especially pleased with early was our defensive tackling because we hadn't tackled. Every time, that is your biggest concern going in. So I thought we tackled well and played the run pretty well."

"Basically we kind of went toe-to-toe and were even. We missed a field goal and had some opportunities and stalled some drives ourselves. Penalties were down early, but they kind of came up. So as you move through the game and start playing players, you see some breakdowns and the game got out of hand."

"I don't have any injuries to report from the game, which is a good thing. I will just say this – I made a decision earlier today to not allow Vince to play in the ballgame for violating a team rule, period, end of story. He will be back in the building Monday with his teammates practicing, and he's our starting quarterback and we like him. He is going to be a good quarterback, and he's going to play for us next week."

Can you comment on making adjustments at quarterback?

Fisher: "We had to change, we had to adjust. We were going to play Vince through the middle of the second quarter, then Kerry, and finish up with Tim. So Kerry obviously got to play quite a lot more, as did Tim. But, the good part about it was Kerry got to play with the starters, which is good. We were hoping to get Kerry in for at least a series with the starting offensive line and he got to play a whole half with them. When you adjust, you have to take advantage of it."

What things stood out to you tonight?

Fisher: "I thought our front defensively, the whole front was really active. We rushed good, it looks like we didn't do much. We pressured a couple of times and got hits. We got pressure on them and won some one-on-one battles. I liked what I saw from Cortland, just with a glance at the returns that was good to see. Chris Davis made good decisions and handled the ball. It's hard, there's so many guys playing, you're involved in the whole thing. I have to look at the tape. I can probably comment better after I look at the tape tomorrow."

How was the play of the three running backs?

Fisher: "It would be unfair for me to grade them right now after not looking at the tape. I do know this is that they all ran against an eight-man front on every down. They were on every first and second down getting eight man fronts, that's hard to run against. I'll have to see who got the yards after contact, who was cutting and reading right. The effort was there."

How do you think receivers played tonight?

Fisher: "It looks like the veteran guys were at least getting to the right places. Brandon Jones made some nice catches, especially down on the ground, one in particular. Paul made a couple of nice catches. Again there were some routes a little short on Paul's behalf, so we just had to evaluate that. It looks like guys were getting open."

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