Titans Press Pass: Monday Camp Report

Coach Jeff Fisher answers questions after Monday's practice session

What was learned from the first preseason game?

Fisher: "Everybody's moving forward, they're all taking a step in the right direction. We've seen improvement every day. Fortunately for us, it was the first preseason game. We saw some good things and there's a lot to learn from it. I think [Michael] Griff[in] handled things very well. At times he lined up on special teams against Sean Taylor and his eyes got big and he kind of froze. He was going, "I played that guy on X-Box' or something like that. It was fine. Chris [Henry] did a lot of special teams work early. You saw it for yourself what he can do in the second half. We try to be realistic. You come out in the second half and you're not running against the starters. Defenses are not as complex. Again, our challenge as a staff is to get them all equal reps and equal look against starters over the next two or three weeks."

How were the rookies playing in starting positions in their first NFL game?

Fisher: "It's all part of it. The first game is a big step for them. The analogy would be, back in '99 we went four or five years without a playoff berth and all of the sudden go out and play a playoff game, you don't play very well. In the next playoff game, it's like, ‘gosh, we know what the playoffs are all about' and we settle down and play better. It's the same thing then a rookie steps on the field for the first time."

What was Vince Young's reaction to his suspension on Saturday?

Fisher: "He's fine. He did great in the two-minute drive today and was throwing the ball at the end of practice. Like I said yesterday, it's all behind us."

Was the last play of practice pass interference?

Fisher: "Yes it was, definitely. Chris actually recognized the formation, called out the play and then didn't make the play. But it's a good exercise for us." 

Have the fans forgot how young Vince Young really is?

Fisher: "It's unfortunate that he was not able to play in the game. I know there were a lot of fans that came out there to see him play. We all are sorry for that but we'll move on. He's going to play next week and the week after and the week after. We've put it behind us and moved on."

Why did LenDale White sit out of practice today?

Fisher: "He's got a mild ankle sprain. He actually, in the third quarter, played through it. But it was quite swollen this morning when he came back in. He got treatment for it twice yesterday so we're just trying to get the swelling out. As soon as we do we'll get him back on the field."

How is White feeling about sitting out of practice?

Fisher: "He's not happy about not practicing. On occasion, he's probably reminded about it too. But it's legitimate, he's got swelling in the ankle, and as soon as we get it out, it's like any other ankle. When they swell, you've got to get the swelling out before you return to practice."

Is the defensive line ready to go for this week's game?

Fisher: "Oh yeah, they're ready to go. You've got to keep in mind, these numbers are all good for three more weeks. But then you've got to start over."

What is Jacob Ford's injury?

Fisher: "We're evaluating him. It looks like he's injured his Achilles and we're evaluating him inside."

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