Titans Wednesday Camp Report

Coach Jeff Fisher speaks about wednesday practice session and the upcoming game against New England.

Does the heat helps build concentration?

Fisher: "It does. What happens is you get tired, you get fatigued and hot. Your body temperature rises a little bit and then you have a tendency to get distracted and lose your focus. That is the thing I have been most impressed with during the week. We are not out twice a day, per se, but we are coming out and the players stayed focused and that's good. I guess you could say now that they are acclimated to the heat, which is good because the first couple games of the year are going to be warm."

(Does LenDale White still have a chance to play on Friday night even though he has not been practicing?

Fisher: "Yes."

Who will start in LenDale White's place if he can not play?

Fisher: "I haven't determined that yet. We are going to wait and see."

Do you think that your offense will need to adjust to New England's three-four defensive front?

Fisher: "It really won't be any different than it was last week. We don't anticipate any changes."

How has Michael Waddell done in camp?

Fisher: "He has done well. He had been struggling off and on with some leg issues, which is understandable, but he is coming on. He will have a good day of one-on-one practice, then he is obviously soar. Today we backed him back down, but he is coming on. The session that we had over at the stadium, he had an especially good night. You just have to be patient with him."

What are your early thoughts about newcomer Jason Hall?

Fisher: "He is a very productive pass rusher. He was very productive in college; we had a good grade on him. 12.5 sacks in that short of a season is pretty impressive over in NFL Europe."

How long will it take Hall to get up to speed?

Fisher: "It doesn't really matter where he went to school when it comes to learning our defense. He is familiar with the surroundings, he is familiar with the people and he just has to learn the defense as quickly as he can. The thing he has going for him is that he has been playing football all spring. He did have a minor setback. He had minor knee surgery six or eight weeks ago, but he is in good shape so we are going to give him the opportunity to play a little bit."

Will the weather be different than it was last time the Titans played in Foxborough?

Fisher: "It will be significantly warmer then it was last time we were there."

What do you remember about the last game against the Patriots in New England?

Fisher: "We blew an opportunity to win the game and move further on in the playoffs."

What is the importance of this weekend with roster cuts looming?

Fisher: "It is an important weekend. The game itself, but also everything we have done this week and early next week. We are nearing the difficult part of training camp where we are going to have to make some tough decisions. Some people say the final cuts, but this one is going to be tough as well. These guys have basically committed themselves to us and what we are dong and they have done a good job with it."

What can Keith Bulluck do to become an even better player?

Fisher: "Keith takes the same approach every year and that is to get himself in the best possible shape he can before camp starts and then stay in that and stay healthy, and then be productive in the preseason games and that's what he has done. I think he has taken more of role in the defense. I would say more of a leadership role, but more of a curious role to see how things are coming in the different spots and he has been an encouraging guy. He has a good camp and Keith usually makes a big play and scores in the preseason and I would rather we wait and hold those until the regular season. We have one game behind us where he hasn't scored, so we have a chance."

Is it hard to detect slippage in a guy of that quality?

Fisher: "No it is not. It becomes obvious after a certain period of time, and thus far there is no indication that Keith has lost a step at all."

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