Titans Tuesday Camp Report

Coach Jeff Fisher comments about this weeks game against Buffalo and the upcoming roster cuts.

Are the players okay because a few sat out of practice today?

Fisher : "We are okay. We have been resting a few players just with some minor issues. A number of players, Albert [Haynesworth], Benji [Olson], Kevin Mawae, the guys that are rehabbing on the field are getting close [returning]. We have not, anybody but the obvious players, the guys who have had surgery – we are not going to rule anybody out for this game."

Have you selected a starting running back for Friday night's game at Buffalo?

Fisher: "We are going to see how things go. We are hopeful that LenDale [White] will get a chance to come back on the practice field. If he does, then he will get in the mix as far as the decision is concerned. We haven't made a decision yet. Keep in mind that whoever starts this week is not our starter for the regular season; it is just an opportunity to run behind the starting offensive line."

How did Justin Gage play today when the backups were on the field?

Fisher: "Since coming back from the foot injury, he is improving and making plays for us and it's good to see."

What will the playing time strategy be in Friday's game?

Fisher: "We have an idea of what we are going to do. We are going to play slightly more than we did the last couple weeks. However, there will be certain players, particularly some of the older players, that we may pull out of the game a little early."

What about playing time on Friday night?

Fisher: "The players that do play the first half, the starters will not play any of the third quarter."

Do you plan to give the starters more time in the fourth game?

Fisher: "There is a good chance I will do it in the fourth game, yes."

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