Colts hold on to beat Titans 22-20

The Colts held on today to defeat the Titans 22-20 in a close game that came right down the end of regulation before it was decided. Here is what the offensive players had to say about the tough loss.


What was your confidence level taking the field on the last drive?

Young: "Very confident. Very confident."

Did it feel like last year's game against the Colts?

Young: "It happens. It happens in the NFL. We tried, we did all we can to try, but we didn't get it, so move on, next game."

How far out of kicker Rob Bironas' range was the field position?

Young: "We just needed to get the first down. That's all we needed to do. I really felt like Rob would finish it but we didn't get the first down. We have to move on and get ready for the next game."

Did the blitzing defense surprise you?

Young: "Not really. We knew what they were going to run. We were ready for everything they were doing. That's why we felt, from an offensive standpoint, we felt real comfortable out there."

What was the difference between the first half and the second half?

Young: "What difference? We just moved the ball and made more third downs. That was the big key in the second half. In the first half, we missed a couple of the third downs and we didn't get all the way down the field to get (Rob) Bironas in field goal range. In the second half, we got more first downs."

Did the Colts leave the stadium the better team?

Young: "I feel like they leave the stadium the Indianapolis Colts, 2-0. And we leave the stadium 1-1 Tennessee Titans. We're going to go get ready for New Orleans, Monday night game. It's going to be a big one for us."

What did you think about the penalty before halftime?

Young: "I can't do anything about the penalties, whatever the refs call, they call. We have to move on and play on."

Should the other player been flagged?

Young: "Things happen. They're always going to flag the second guy. They caught me in the act and that's why they flagged me. That's the ref's game, they're going to do what they have do to call a good game."


What happened on the last play of the game?

Bell : "We knew that we had to get a first down. He (Vince Young) was just looking for someone open and then he tried to run."

Can you comment on the missed opportunities during the game?

Bell : "It's pretty frustrating. If we would have got five or six more yards, it might be a different game. There were a lot of things in the game that were frustrating, but we'll try to bounce back next week."


What are the strengths of the Colts' defense?

Moulds: "You have to do a lot of shifts against those guys because they can really affect your passing game. For the most part, our offensive line did a good job on those guys and gave us an opportunity to make plays. It's a situation where they are the Super Bowl champions and we had an opportunity to beat them at the end of the game and we didn't get it done."

What did you think about the play of Colts DB Bob Sanders?

Moulds: "I think it's the preparation on his part. Everybody looks at his on-the-field attributes, the way he tackles and the way he disrupts your offense, but you can tell he studies the game. He can point out your tendencies in certain formations and that's a sign of a great safety because he knows how to make big plays."


What did you think about having a chance to win the game in the final minute?

Brown: "Our defense made big plays for us. They gave us a chance to win at the end and that's all we can ask for. We just fell one play short."

What was the Colts' defensive strategy?

Brown: "Their main concern was to stop our run game because they always had an extra man in the box. They are a lot faster and they filled the holes pretty quick tonight."

Has the team been gaining confidence after the close loss?

Brown: "We consider ourselves a great team. They are a great team and we are a great team. We know that we can go out there and play with anybody, as long as we go out there and execute our game plan and do what we are suppose to do."

How did you think the execution of the two minute drill went today?

Brown: "We did some good things. We moved the ball well, but we were just one yard short. Next time, we have to make use of our opportunities by making plays."

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