Titans-Saints Week: Friday Report

Coach Jeff Fisher updates about the team and the upcoming game against the Saints from Baptist Sports Park.

Have the Saints' cornerbacks been subject to more criticism than they deserve?

"Yeah. They're not getting anything but respect from us, the entire secondary. They're playing well. They're very, very talented and aggressive and they tackle well. In this league, sometimes people are going to make plays. It isn't because there's a deficiency in talent in their secondary."

Has the Saints' slow start this season have to do with Coach Sean Payton being in only his second year with the team?

"I don't think that has anything to do with it. It's just a set of circumstances. It's (playing) the Colts in Week 1. [Playing the Colts] will to that to anybody. Last week, there was some familiarity between to two division opponents, but Tampa Bay got up. They got up 21-0 at halftime and any defense that gets to go out and play a one-dimensional game is going to have the advantage. That's what the Bucs' defense did. They knew that the Saints were going to have to throw the football to catch up. So it's a very potent attack. The potential is there for high scoring. [The Saints] have got a lot of good players on their offense."

Is Deuce McAllister as much of a threat as Reggie Bush?

"Yes, he is. He has been a very productive back. Before the injury, he came back last year and showed what he can do. And they do the same things with both backs. But Deuce is a really strong powerful inside runner and a good receiver out of the backfield. He made a lot of good plays for them down the stretch last year."

What is the importance of not getting distracted by the hype of Monday Night Football?

"The guys aren't going to be thinking about records and other things like that, other than going out and executing. We'll have to contend with the energy in the building. It's going to be a very exciting place to play. It's going to be loud, but we've played in loud places before."

What are your thoughts on leading the league in rushing and to what do you contribute to that?

"We approach our rushing offense as if we have to prove something every week. Statistics and rankings don't matter. We're going to line up and try to prove that we can run the ball each and every week."

What do you think about the possibility of bad weather in New Orleans?

"The league has been on top of it. We've been in communication with them for the last three or four days. The last thing I heard was that things should clear out of there last Saturday evening and hopefully we won't have any travel issues on Sunday."

Did you feel like you were seeing a glimpse of the future when you watched Vince Young, LenDale White and Reggie Bush in the 2005 BCS National Championship game?

"Yeah. We were hopeful to get as many players from that game as we could, and we've got three or four of them on our team. I think [New Orleans] has only got one."

Do you think that having those Rose Bowl players will give the Titans an advantage on Monday?

"No, I didn't say that. (laughter) We're fortunate to have several of those key players on our roster."

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