Titans-Saints Week: Brees talks Titans

New Orleans Saints QB talks about the upcoming Monday Night Game with the Titans. With the 0-2 start for New Orleans the game has added importance.

How will it feel playing at home after two road games?


Brees: "It's very nice to get back in our home stadium. Obviously [we had] two tough road games and two losses, so we're just trying to get some things figured out right now and I'm confident that we will. We're definitely happy to get in front of the home fans and there's no better atmosphere than Monday Night Football in New Orleans."


How dangerous is the Titans' defensive line with Kyle Vanden Bosch and Albert Haynesworth?


Brees: "They're pretty stout. That's definitely something that sticks out the minute you turn on the film. With their pass-rush and their energy, I think those guys are very active and make a lot of plays. That's something we're definitely going to have to have a plan for.


What is the frustration of the Saints' 0-2 start and what do you feel is going wrong?


Brees: "I think it's probably just making things a little more complicated than they really need to be. Obviously expectations were high this year and we do have a very good football team. I think we're just trying to kind of find ourselves a little bit right now. I'm confident that that's going to happen very soon. We've addressed some of the issues that we've been having and we're having a good week of practice so far, so we just hope we can keep it going."


What is the importance of keeping young players from panicking?


Brees: "You always [have to remind] the young guys or guys who haven't been in this situation before. But we've got a lot of veteran guys on our team. We've got a lot of guys that have been in this type of situation, so it's definitely a very calm atmosphere. Definitely [there is] a sense of urgency, but nobody's panicking, nobody's overreacting. We understand that it's really all about getting that first win. Once you get that first win, I think you gain some confidence. We need to get that swagger back and then we'll just move on from there."


Is it dangerous to deem this game a "must-win" game for the Saints?


Brees: "We don't throw that term around here as much as the media likes to. There's definitely a sense of urgency, we understand how important it is to win this game, but we don't throw that term around. We just want to play relaxed and our type of football."


What do you think about this game being billed as "Vince Young vs. Reggie Bush"?


Brees: "That's all for the fans. They obviously get excited about that thing. I'm sure that's probably why they paired the two of us to play on Monday night, so they can talk about those two guys. That's part of it. It's definitely not a distraction, though. We still go about our business not even thinking about it."


What have you seen from injured first-round pick Robert Meachem so far?


Brees: "He's got a lot of talent, just a raw kind of an athlete. He's the guy who continues to improve every day. They're just trying to polish him up every day. We're pretty deep at wide receiver, so there's really no urgency for him to play until he's ready, so we're just waiting for that time."


What is Reggie Bush's importance to the Saints' offense?


Brees: "As involved as you can get him in the gameplan and as many touches as you can get him in success, I think the better he is. We've got so many weapons, so we're going to spread the ball around as best we can. Obviously he's a big part of what we do and we're going to continue to try to feed it to him."


What element of the game is the hardest for a young quarterback such as Vince Young to pick up?


Brees: "In this league, just the speed of the game. I think you can get away with some of the mistakes you make in college. You can overcompensate later in the game. At this level, mistakes are magnified a little and you don't have the opportunity to make up for it like you can in college. I'd say the complexity of the defenses. There are a lot of things you just kind of have to adjust to. There's definitely a learning curve. Obviously he has done a very good job."

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