Press Pass: Jeff Fisher

Titans Head Coach Jeff Fisher talks about the win over the Saints 31-14. He has alot to be excited about with the Titans pushing their record to 2-1 going into the Bye week.

How is it to win again on "Monday Night Football"?

"This was a gratifying win from this standpoint. This was a team victory. When you start thinking about the different positions and the contributions. We got it out of everybody….the offensive line, the running backs, the quarterback, different receivers, tight end. It was the same case on defense. We made some plays on special teams. We felt like it was going to take a great effort. This is a tough place to play. The crowd was really into it. We kind of overcame that early and got some points. Probably the best thing that happened to us today was to fall behind. Nobody panicked. We made the plays we needed to make, got back into it and put the game away. It's nice to be 2-1 heading into the off week. We're in good shape physically. We didn't have any issues today other than Benji (Olson). He could have finished the game."

What about playing well on national stage?

"We didn't pay specific attention during the week to the event itself. We wanted to stress just football and doing their jobs and not doing anything out of character. Fortunately, we have a number of guys who have been in Monday night games, so it's nice to get back, have an opportunity, and certainly it was nice to win."

Did the Titans practice with simulated crowd noise this week?

"No. I've never done that and never will. I think if you make too big of an issue of the noise during the week it only becomes a bigger issue at game time.  We knew it was going to be an issue, we talked about it. During the introductions, it's not going to get any louder than that."

How did you think Albert Haynesworth played tonight?

"He's playing well. I think he is off to the best start of his career. He is very disruptive inside. We didn't particularly load the line of scrimmage. We handled it fairly well with our front seven and Albert was a big part of it."

What was Vince Young's injury near the end of the first half? 

"He was just dehydrated and cramping, so we gave him an IV. He came back and was fine"

It was kind of unusual passing out of the gate?

"The Saints have a good defense, a good secondary. They are talented. We felt they were going to load up against us and try to take the run game away. We just felt like we needed to put some balls down the field and fortunately Vince hit them."

What did you think of the Saints offensive line?

"Again, it's very talented. What we did was put them in a one-dimensional game. They're talented and they'll pull out of it. They're a talented, well-coached team on offense."

How was the Titans tackling tonight?

"I've been pleased. We've improved, but we still have a lot of things to work on. We had some opportunities to get off the field and didn't, but fortunately we got the turnovers. One of the things we did tonight was tackle well. We talked about having to tackle and I think Jim (Schwartz) and his staff did a great job of emphasizing tackling and flattening the backs out using the sideline."

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