Bulluck: "Mr. Monday Night"

Titans LB Keith Bulluck helped the defense shut down New Orleans with a career performance. Bulluck posted 4 tackles on the night along with three interceptions. His performance set to serve notice to the rest of the league that the Titans defense is set to compete at the highest level this season despite being made up of "no name" players.

The Titans are currently ranked 9th in the league in total defense only giving up just over 300 yards per game and 2nd in rushing defense by only giving up 63.3 yards per game on the ground. Here is what Bulluck had to say about the Saints game and the quick start of the season.

Did you leave the country wanting to see more of Keith Bulluck?

: "They'll get the chance to see the Titans again in November. I think we went out and proved a good point tonight. I wish we had played a little bit more consistent throughout the game, but you know, we handled our business, 31-14."

What did you think about falling behind, yet coming back to win the game?

: "Maybe a little bit comes from last year. When you start off 0-5, we took a few good poundings last year. The resiliency that this team has developed through those times shows how much we've matured as a team. We would be down at different times last year and we always found a way to pull it out. VY and I were talking at halftime and I was ripping on him a little bit. He was like, ‘Don't worry about it, we're going to pull it out.' This is kind of what our team possesses."

How do you feel about your big performance on Monday Night Football?

: "I called myself ‘Mr. Monday Night' because all of the Monday night questions came. A lot of my teammates hadn't played on Monday Night Football before and I feel if you can't get it done on Monday Night Football, you'll never be able to get it done. Going into this game, I didn't know how far it would go. I should have known it would go further than Nashville, but I backed it up and I feel that I'm a player in this league that considers himself one of the top players at his position. I try to go out there week-in and week-out, whether it be Monday or any day of the week to prove that point."

Is the secret out about this team?

: "No, I don't think so. It's only Week 3. There's still things out there about certain teams are going to win the Super Bowl. We're just going to keep playing our football. I think when we show up again in November, when we go up to Denver and knock a couple of opponents off, then maybe people will start taking us seriously. I've been here when we've had great teams with great players that people knew of and we still didn't get fair justice, so we'll just play it out and wait until November and December."

What do you think about the offensive line play?

: "They controlled the game, man. I'm not going to lie. As a defensive player, I think I got a little frustrated at times when we would make stops and stops and stops and they weren't moving the ball, and said something to VY and he might have taken it a little personal – not personal in the sense that it created a situation between us – just personal in the sense that it's time to get going. It was 10-7, now it's 14-10. There was no way we should let this team beat us."

Was this a gratifying win?

: "It's real important, especially for the team that we think or believe we are or the team that we want to be. I'm glad that we came out and showed it. I knew that we were going to do it. It was just a matter of playing all 60 minutes and the score would determine whether we did it or not."

How do you think the defensive line has been playing?

: "Our defensive front has been playing well all year – through the preseason, through the first three games – our defensive front is just wreaking havoc. They're the foundation of our defense. When those guys get going we make stops on first down, you make them play 2nd-and-long, then 3-rd-and-medium, and then they get after the quarterback. They always have been causing disruption this year and we hope that we can keep it going."

Has the d-line made the secondary's job easier?

: "I think it makes everyone's job in the secondary easy just for the simple fact that the quarterback has to get off his spot. He wants to rush his throw. He doesn't want to take a sack, so some throws may come out wrong. They don't go where the quarterback wants to place them and it's just an opportunity to make plays and I feel that happened a couple of times tonight where Drew Brees wasn't comfortable on his spot and he tried to step up, get out of the pocket and create and it kind of cost him at times."

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