Titans - Falcons Week: Thursday Report

Titans Head Coach Jeff Fisher talks about the upcoming game with the Atlanta Falcons this Sunday.

Do the players still have the same intensity as before the bye weekend?

Fisher: "Yeah, it was there when they returned on Tuesday. We're well in the gameplan now, so we had a really good day. Each week, you do different things. There are some new concepts we've introduced and they've handled them very well. We're healthy and it was a good day at practice."

How different are the Falcons schemes with new head coach Bobby Petrino?

Fisher: "It's completely different from what they've done in the past. It's a new offensive system. I think because of that, they may have started slow, but everybody has a good understanding now of what they're doing. That's the reason for their productivity the last couple of weeks. The other side of it is that (defensive coordinator) Coach (Mike) Zimmer has been coaching defense in the league for a long, long time – at the Cowboys, he was very successful there. They've had a full offseason to implement the defense and that hard work is paying off because their defense is playing well."

Why has Atlanta QB Joey Harrington been sacked 16 times this season?

Fisher: "Most of his sacks took place in the first two weeks. I'd say 80 percent of them were on third down. The last couple weeks, since they've gotten things going again, he's not been taken to the ground. They're getting rid of the ball quicker, he's seeing things. Sometimes you get off to a slow start and sometimes thing happen that are attributed to the early part of the season. That's the case with their sacks. They've not been knocked down very much the last couple weeks. "

What differences have you seen in the Falcons between week one and their victory over Houston last week?

Fisher: "It's continuity on offense, it's plays, it's third-down efficiency, completion percentage. They were number one in the league in rushing last year. Michael Vick didn't have all those yards. Both of those backs (Warrick Dunn and Jerious Norwood) are very talented. They're very well-coached on special teams and they're a solid team."

How is Atlanta RB Jerious Norwood different from RB Warrick Dunn?

Fisher: "[Norwood] is more of a long strider. He's a strong runner for his weight. And he breaks tackles. Dunn is real quick in and out of the hole. Norwood is a little more of a power-type runner but he's got great speed. He can hit a crease and it can all be over. We saw that a couple years ago in the preseason."

Aren you glad that the first game coming off the bye week is at home?

Fisher: "It's nice to be back at home. We need to get a win at home. We're 0-1 here so far at home. The players are looking forward to getting started and trying to get on a role here at home."

What do you think about the Titans being a quiet power rather than being highlighted heavily in the media?

Fisher: "It's always been the case. We typically play at noon and we're a small-market team. We just play. Sometimes the players can use that to their advantage. But those are the things that really aren't a concern at kickoff. They're something you can talk about after you've had some success.

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