Titans-Texans Week:Monday Report

Titans Coach Jeff Fisher talks about the loss to Tampa Bay and the upcoming game against the Texans.

What is the status of  team injuries currently?

Fisher: "Let me give you a little update on injuries. Obviously the one we're most concerned about is Vince (Young)'s leg. He has a thigh strain. We did an MRI and we don't have the results back. We're doing the MRI just to clear up how we go about treating it. Let me just say this – he could not practice today if we had practice. He's sore. But it's not as bad as we thought. So he'll be day-to-day. Our treatment path will be to try to get him on the practice field as fast as we can.

Chris Brown has a sore ankle. But he's not as bad as we thought. Then we had some little minor things. Albert (Haynesworth's groin) is much better today. I think he's going to be okay. Brandon Jones [underwent arthroscopic surgery] at 12:30 today and he'll be out for some period of time, at least one week, maybe two depending on how he responds."

With Vince Young not practicing this week how will that affect his chances of playing Sunday?

Fisher: "Practice is important. But there's so much carryover from week to week. A lot of things that we did last week were carried over. It's not going to be imperative that he practices this week. I would say there would be a chance he could play if he felt good enough to play without practicing. He's going to be there, he's going to watch. He's really done a good job. His halftime numbers were really pretty good yesterday. A lot of the things we did early in the game were carry-over things. "

What happened on Young's high throws in the first half of yesterday's game? 

Fisher: " [The Buccaneers] are a very talented defense and they pressured us well. He was eight-for-10 at halftime. I thought he managed things well. "

Will you move around the roster to include an extra QB this week to be safe?

Fisher: "We are discussing personnel moves. I really can't tell you what direction we're headed right now. We have a lot to talk about. "

What are specifics of Young's leg injury?

Fisher: "It's a strain – it's a muscle strain. It's similar to a hamstring strain. He strained the muscle body. There is no potential surgery required because there's certainly not, as far as we can tell, any tendon damage or anything like that. He's got a quad strain and he's going to have to work through it. He's been a quick healer. When he's had [injuries] before in the past, many of those things you didn't even know of, he's worked right through them. We just hope that he'll be able to bounce back quickly. "

What happened when Young strained his quadriceps?

Fisher: "It just occurred. It happens sometimes. It's better than a contusion. [Players with strains] usually come back quicker than with a contusion. "

With the next game being a homecoming game for Young, how will that affect his return to the field?

Fisher: "This is a game that he looks forward to. Again, we'll just see. It will be day-to-day. We'll just see how quickly he responds. "

What happened with Albert Haynsworth injuring his groin and returning to the game yesterday?

Fisher: "It looked bad on tape. He's lucky. He's very, very athletic and flexible and he can bounce back. He'll be fine. He'll practice this week. "

What did you think about losing the game despite having a time-of-possession of 37:37?

Fisher: "We let this game slip away. We had an opportunity to win this game. But again, when you turn the football over, you are eliminating potential scoring opportunities. That's what has happened to us in the last two weeks. We've got six turnovers in two weeks and that has taken points off the board for us. We've got to put that fire out, if you will. We've got to protect the ball better. In this particular case, we had opportunities throughout. We had a penalty that cost us good field position. We were inside the 25 a couple times, we got sacked outside of field goal range and we had a call (Phillip Buchanon's interception) that I thought should have been overturned that was not. That would have at least given us an opportunity to continue with the drive. We had some opportunities and we didn't take advantage of them. "

Does Running Back LenDale White need to be quicker?

Fisher: "We're facing a lot of line-of-scrimmage issues from the (opposing) defenses right now – eight-man fronts, nine-man fronts, blitzing. They're not going to let us run. We had 96 yards rushing yesterday and that's about as good as you can possibly do against that type of front and the commitment to stop the run. It had nothing to do with his quickness or lack of quickness. It just had to do with their defensive front. "

Will the Titans have to rely more on the passing game in light of the tough run defenses they're facing?

Fisher: "We're going to continue to run the football and stop the run on defense, convert third downs on offense and get off the field on defense. We just have to protect the ball better. "

What happened on big plays from Tampa Bay's offense?

Fisher: "All last week, all we talked to the defense about was, ‘Don't give up the big play.' They can't score unless they put a big play in a drive. That's what happened. Jeff (Garcia) does a great job of moving around, staying alive and getting rid of the football. But it's the big plays against the Saints in particular that we saw – slants for 60-yard touchdowns, or just homerun-type things. We worked hard on it all last week. The two plays that they made were plays we had a chance to breakup and didn't, plays that we'd seen before and didn't (defend). That just happens. "

What about the Titans trying to make big plays on offense?

Fisher: "Big plays are good. We have them on our call sheet. We try to get them sometimes, but it just doesn't work out. "

How did Brandon Jones' absence this week affect the other receivers?

Fisher: "Justin (Gage) came up with some big plays yesterday. Eric (Moulds) made some good catches, Roydell (Williams) made good catches. So we're going to keep rolling the guys. I don't see the need for an extra receiver right now. We're getting some production out of them. "

What do you think about calling timeouts just before an opposing team attempts a field goal?

Fisher: "What I explained in the production room was this. There is a risk in freezing a kicker. If you ice the kicker and the ball doesn't go through the uprights, then you come back and you give them a chance and they do kick it through the uprights, you'll be second guessed to no end. There is a time to do it and a time not to do it. In that particular case, they thought I was going to do it. So, at least I put them in a position where they had to think about it. "

How will the game plan change offensively with Kerry Collins at QB instead of Vince Young?

Fisher: "Really, there won't be any difference in our offensive game plan. Kerry has a really good feel for what we're doing. We ask Kerry to do the same things we ask Vince to do. In particular, during the preseason I think Kerry had six straight scoring drives. That's the preseason, but Kerry understands the concepts in the offense and can make the throws. He made some very, very good throws yesterday. They were look-off throws where he was cutting the ball loose, looking defenders off based on the concepts of their zones. With a full week of practice, he'll be fine. "

What did you think about Casey Cramer being active for the game?

Fisher: "We were fortunate to have Casey available when we lost (fullback) Ahmard (Hall). He was efficient. He was productive on special teams. He knew what to do and allowed us to sustain some packages offensively. "

How is the team dealing with 3rd-and-long situations?

Fisher: "You don't want them to happen. At times they do happen. They happen as a result of a sack or a penalty. As long as you are getting your carries on early downs, first and second downs, you are going to keep yourself in manageable third down situations, and that's what we've done. "

Is the AFC South the best division in the league right now?

Fisher: "Well, I only watched one side of that ballgame yesterday, but it was a physical battle. Houston has certainly improved significantly. They had some opportunities early in the first half to do some things, but I think our division has earned some respect around the league. "

Were Tampa Bay's big plays a result of blown assignments on the part of the Tennessee defense?

It was not the result of communication or blown assignments. "

What are your thoughts about the special teams and penalties?

Fisher: "Special teams penalties are a concern of mine. However, the two that were called yesterday, you don't want to see those called. I could not be critical of either Donnie Nickey or Stephen Tulloch today in the meeting because of those penalties. "

Will RB Chris Henry be active because of RB Chris Brown's injury?

Fisher: "I think that there is a good chance that Chris (Henry) will be [active this week] because Chris Brown will probably be day-to-day most of the week because his ankle is tender. "

Will you address the league about the review of Phillip Buchanon's interception?

Fisher: "No, there is nothing they can do about it now. I looked at it very closely, and I felt like that should have been overturned. I thought he was out of bounds. Sometimes the replay philosophy is indisputable visual evidence before you overturn the call. In this case, [Buchanon's] foot was on the white, so I thought that was good enough. It must not have been enough for him (replay official Bobby Skelton). "

Did the whistle blow on Collins' toss and why did he spike the ball?

Fisher: "Yeah, he called it progress or a sack. I think he was trying to get the ball on the ground, throw the ball away at that point. "

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