Titans-Raiders Week: Thursday Report

Titans Coach Jeff Fisher speaks to the media about the upcoming game against the Raiders and the status of the team.

How soon will Corey Simon be replaced on the roster?

Fisher: "We're not going to be in a hurry. We're going to hold a spot. It would be unrealistic if we were to bring somebody into this spot to help contribute, so we'll just take our time. Mike (Reinfeldt) and I have discussed it, and we'll just take our time. "

How was Simon playing prior to his retirement?

Fisher: "He was giving everything he had. He was practicing as well as he could. As he indicated to me yesterday, he was just having a hard time every day. He just didn't think that he could go out and play to his expectations or to ours. You have to admire a guy being honest about that. "

How rare is it for a player to develop such camaraderie in a short period?

Fisher: "I think it's a compliment to the guys in the locker room. They know that everybody that we bring in is here for one reason and one reason only. That's to help us win. As we've said, we've been very impressed with this team, how it has handled itself through good times, tough times and been able to overcome some things. I think it's a really good personality. That's what Corey was referring to. "

What does the loss of Simon mean for this team?

Fisher: "Fortunately, right now we're in good health on the defensive line. We'll replace the spot, one way or another on the defensive line. But again, we're not in a hurry to do so. We're going to look and see what our options are. "

What is the injury status of RB Chris Brown?

Fisher: "Chris is improving today. The rest of the guys, as you saw, practiced and participated. "

How is Brandon Jones' health?

Fisher: "He practiced today. There is not a risk of reinjuring the knee. He's been cleared to practice. He worked very hard yesterday off the practice field and didn't have any injuries. So we don't anticipate having any difficulty. "

Does QB Vince Young benefit from playing against a team like Oakland, who he's never played before?

Fisher: "I think as a young quarterback, the more familiar you are with an opponent, the greater the chances of you having success. But what Vince has done against unfamiliar opponents, is he's spent the extra time he needed to familiarize himself. He's done so thus far this week and will continue to do so. "

How is the play of Safety Calvin Lowry?

Fisher: "Calvin made a lot of good plays for us. He misplayed the ball at the end, and when teams are attacking deep down the field, especially when you're ahead, they're putting you under pressure. He's made a lot of good plays. He's made tackles, he's broken up passes and he's playing well. It's part of the defense. You can't point to one person in particular on defense. It's a team defense. Calvin's going to continue to work, continue to try to contribute, and we're not concerned about his production or his play."

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