Titans-Panthers Week: Friday Report

Titans Head Coach Jeff Fisher talks about the Panthers and the expected matchups for each squad.

How is Brandon Jones' recovery from his knee injury?

Fisher: "He's coming along fine. He's put the injury behind him. We don't anticipate him having any problems. He was really close to playing last week, but we wanted to give him just a few more days and really keep the mindset Monday that he was going to play this week. "

What does Jones contribute to this receiver corps?

Fisher: "He brings back some production. He was productive for us when he was playing and we lost it in his absence. Hopefully that will bring some production back to the offense. "

Do you have an idea of who will start at QB for Carolina?

Fisher: "No. All I can report is what I've seen and (Vinny) Testaverde didn't practice yesterday and (David) Carr did. So we'll wait and see what happens today."

Does that uncertainty change the Titans' preparation and gameplan?

Fisher: "No, it doesn't. We're familiar with both of them. They have slightly different styles, but it doesn't change necessarily what you do on defense. "

Is David Carr playing similar to how he played when he was with the Houston Texans?

Fisher: "He's running their offense. Their offense is quite a bit different than Houston's. "

Do you anticipate Carolina to throw a lot of long balls?

Fisher: "They will. They are calculated shots. They scheme them up and design them. They hit some. They've hit a couple in the last few weeks. They hit a nice one to Steve Smith against Arizona. It was a long ball. The other thing they're showing now, is people are obviously paying attention to Steve Smith, and the other receivers are making plays deep down the field. So they're good at scheming up their shots. "

What have you thought about the play of Panthers Steve Smith?

Fisher: "He catches the ball. He's a very, very dangerous run after the catch. He's extremely strong in his lower body and he breaks a lot of tackles. It's very difficult to get him down one-on-one outside. "

What do you think about Carolina's success on the road?

Fisher: "It's a business-like approach. They're very professional, they have confidence and they manage the noisy stadiums very well. They don't seem to let them affect them, and they just play. "

How do you think Steve Smith compares to some of the best receivers in the game?

Fisher: "He's already got 37 catches for just under a 14-yard (per catch) average and six touchdowns. That's pretty impressive considering they've used three, actually four, different quarterbacks this year. "

Is North Carolina alum David Thornton bringing a large group of family members to the game?

Fisher: "I don't necessarily think it's support, but it's an exciting time for him to have the family in town and watch the ballgame. He's off to a great start this year – he's been very productive. "

What about Tony Brown, a former Carolina Panther?

Fisher: " [The Panthers] were not in a situation where they were happy about letting him go, I knew that. I recall that last year they were hoping to bring him back. They were just loaded up front on the defensive line, they made a decision and fortunately we benefitted from it".

What have you thought of the play of Brown this season?

Fisher: "He's had a good offseason. He understands what we're doing and he takes coaching very well. He's an emotional player. We expected his to improve over what he did last year, and we still expect him to improve. He's a young player, from a career standpoint. He's got a lot ahead of him. "

What have you thought about the talk around the league about teams running up the score, and at what point he feels it is appropriate to pull starters?

Fisher: "It's an individual thing. I don't have a problem with what [the New England Patriots] are doing. You run the ball on fourth down instead of kick a field goal, that doesn't necessarily mean you're trying to run the score up. Would you rather see them kneel on the ball for the last eight or 10 minutes of the game or do you want to see some offense? I don't have a problem with what they're doing. Keep in mind, you don't have enough players to replace everybody. It's not like the preseason where you can take your "ones" out and put your "twos" in. You can relieve a few guys here and there, but really it's an individual thing. I'd love to be in a situation where I could consider giving Vince (Young) a curtain call and sending Kerry (Collins) out there to finish the game."

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