Press Pass: Del Rio talks Titans

Jaguars Head Coach Jack Del Rio talks about this weeks game against the Titans

Will David Garrard play on Sunday?

Del Rio: "We haven't determined, yet, how much (playing time) he's going to get. We're going to get him out there in a limited capacity today, see how it goes and made a judgment from there as we go forward. I really think, in all likelihood, [the decision] is going to be something that goes right up to the game time Sunday when we'll have to make a determination, I think. "

What is the importance of Garrard's mobility against Tennessee's defense?

Del Rio: "Certainly, that's one aspect of it, I think. Also, when you turn on the tape and watch how the Tennessee Titans are playing defense right now, you'd better have a quarterback that can move a little bit. They're bringing a lot of heat. "

How has Quinn Gray played backing up Garrard, and how he will handle Tennessee's defense?

Del Rio: "We're going to ask our guy to handle it, whoever we put out there. We're going to ask him to handle it and do the best he can to help us get a win. Obviously, it's going to be a huge challenge. I think right now, they may be playing as well as anybody in the league on defense. So it's going to be a huge challenge, regardless of who is under center. "

How is Gray's ankle?

Del Rio: "It really wasn't much of an issue for him. "

What have you thought of the play of Paul Spicer?

Del Rio: "Really, this is probably the best football he's played. He's clearly been the one guy that we've been able to count on to not only disrupt the running game, but also get around the quarterback and make some plays in the backfield. He's really had a strong year for us. "

How do you go about countering Tennessee's spread offense?

Del Rio: "I think they're just running their offense. They've done a really nice job running the football this year. I have a lot of respect for their coaches there. Mike Munchak, who I played against, is a very, very strong football coach and does a great job with his guys. They know how to get a hat on a hat and they have good running backs. They do a nice job with their running game. So we know that's a challenge for us. They got the best of us out here in the first encounter and we're going to do everything we can to see if we can't slow them down a little bit. " 

Why was the Titans run game so successful against the Jaguars in the opener?

Del Rio: "I'm not sure that spreading it out, packing it in, any of that was really an issue. I think what it came down to was they blocked and ran, and fundamentally executed much better than we did that day, and pulled out a victory. "

Have you seen improvements in Vince Young's play?

Del Rio: "You're talking about a guy that continues to win football games. He's an amazing young athlete. He's been a winner at every stage of his career, and continues to do a nice job for them. "

Does Young seem more hesitant to run recently?

Del Rio: "He'll still take off and make plays with his feet. Obviously teams are trying different tactics to try and keep him slowed down. But you still have to get him tackled. "

What are the implications of this division game?

Del Rio: "One, we've got to prepare like we do each week for the next opponent, and they are next. Certainly it's an important divisional game. To have any chance of keeping divisional title hopes alive, we've got to win this game. It's imperative for that reason. Also, for wild card ranking and the ability to stay in the thick of the hunt, we've got to make sure that we continue to win football games. It's an AFC opponent, it's a divisional opponent, it's a team that's playing good football. So it will be a big challenge for us. "

What about the addition of Grady Jackson?

Del Rio: "We've seen just a little bit. Grady's a big, strong guy who has played in this league for a while. So we're going to count on that experience kicking in and him being able to clog up the middle a little bit and make the lanes tighter. "

What about being without suspended Marcus Stroud and other suspended players?

Del Rio: "Clearly, there has been a response to some of the incidents, that was necessary. The guys understand exactly where I'm coming from, where the owner is coming from and what it is that they need to be doing and not doing if they want to be here in Jacksonville. "

What do think about the Titans having 19 turnovers, but no touchdowns scored upon them after those turnovers?

Del Rio: "It's pretty incredible. It's not surprising to learn that stat is out there based on the film we're watching. These guys are really playing well on defense. I think it starts up front. It always does with good football teams and with good defenses. Their front is playing as good as any front in the league, and I think Albert Haynesworth has been probably the most dominant player I've seen on tape this year. "

How do you rate your special teams?

Del Rio: "We've had some good moments. I think (special teams coordinator) Joe DeCamillis has done a nice job bringing energy into the room. Obviously, he's a guy that's been in the league a long time. But that will be a tough matchup for us this week, because Tennessee does a nice job with their special teams. "

What have you thought of the play of Albert Haynesworth?

Del Rio: "I think he's always flashed some dominant traits. I just think that right now, he's doing it down in and down out at a very high level. "

What about Cortland Finnegan, a former seventh-round draft choice?

Del Rio: "Any time you have a guy that lasts all the way into the seventh round, that means that your own team passed on him six times. But certainly, they have been able to give him an opportunity and he's made the most of it. He's really done a heck of a job. He's shut down some of the top players in the league. He's incredibly competitive. He's fast – we know that. He's one of those guys that got an opportunity coming from a small college and has really taken off and is making himself a nice career. Obviously, any time you have somebody that you draft [who does] well, you get to put a little bit of a feather in your cap. So a nice job by them. It's kind of like talking about Tom Brady. If you get credit for him – he goes in the sixth round and he's one of the great players in the game. But if you thought he was going to be that good, you wouldn't have waited until the sixth round."

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