Titans-Jaguars Week: Thursday Report

Titans Head Coach Jeff Fisher talks about this week match-up aganst the Jaguars.

With the possibility of David Garrard playing, what changes in the Titans' gameplan?

Fisher: "No, it doesn't. Their offense is really not going to change. If Garrard comes back, he's a little more mobile than Gray. But they're going to run the football, play-action pass and try to keep our offense off the field. Again, from what we've heard, he has not practiced full speed, and the high-ankle (sprain) can be limited and difficult. "  

What can you read into the implications behind Chris Henry's appeal of his suspension?

Fisher: "There's nothing to read into at this point. Chris practiced today, both Chris (Henry and Brown) practiced today. Again, this is between Chris Henry and the league office. "

How did Chris Brown look in practice today?

Fisher: "Chris was better today than he was yesterday. "

What do you think about Jacksonville's two-running back system?

Fisher: "Both of them (Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones Drew) have the ability to take the football and go the distance. Typically speaking, you'll get one or two carries out of one of them, a big play, and then the next back will come in. Maurice will usually carry the load on third down. So they're going to rotate them, keep them fresh with Maurice doing most of the third-down work. "

What are Cortland Finnegan's strengths and why he is succeeding this season?

Fisher: "It's his understanding of what we're doing, his complete understanding of what we're doing. And it's his recognition, to be able to look at splits, look at different things like formations, and then make plays. He's tackling. He's making plays on the ball, and he's playing with a lot of energy. "

How is Michael Griffin's transition to safety?

Fisher: "It is smooth. He's done a nice job and made some really nice plays. He's been in the correct position almost all the time. He's getting the job done for us. "

What is the importance of a division win?

Fisher: "We're trying to win a game. If we're fortunate enough to come out on top, then we'll see what happens at the end. But we're not looking ahead. We understand the challenges this week with this team. Their history has been to come back very strong after losses. They suffered a disappointing loss last week at New Orleans, so we expect them to answer. We'll probably get them at their best this week. It will be a good test for us. "

Does one team have an advantage over the other in a rematch game?

Fisher: "No, it's different. Every time you play a division opponent for the second time, with the exception of playing the Colts, it's just a different matchup. There are changes in the gameplan from the first matchup to the second. You just have to adjust and it comes down to players making plays."


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