Bulluck talks Jags

Titans Linebacker Keith Bulluck talks about the match-up with the Jaguars

What are your thoughts about the Titans in the playoff race?

Bulluck: "Yes, things are going well and it is up to us to keep them going well.  We are taking this thing one game at a time.  We got Jacksonville coming into town, that is no easy task so we are definitely focused so there won't be any let downs."

 What has been the key to the defensive turn around?

Bulluck: "We are healthy, our defensive line is playing better than any defensive line in the league.  They are causing a lot of chaos back there for the opposing offenses when they run and when they drop back to pass there is not much time.  So it is allowing us to make plays on the back end so basically everyone is on the same page playing for the same goal."

What do you think about how Albert Haynesworth is playing?

Bulluck: "I think you are asking me questions you already know the answer to.  He is playing better than any defensive player in the league right now.  Last week he had a big game and the week before.  He is playing as well as he was when we saw you guys in the first game."

What changed Haynesworth's attitude, did you talk to him?

Bulluck: "I don't think that is the case, you have to look at last season.  He went through a lot last year and having to get through that was tough and when he got through it I think he made a commitment to himself and his family.  He has three young kids of his own he is trying to set an example for and he knows how much this game means to him and it was almost taken away from him last year so he dedicated himself this offseason to get himself in the best shape, also to this football team and his family."

Did the players only meeting last year make a difference in this team going forward?

Bulluck: "Last year was my seventh year in the league and I have been in and won playoff games.  I have been a part of good teams and good defenses and last year at that point we where not playing like anything.  We were just a bunch of guys going out there putting on uniforms on Sundays just to field a team.  A lot of guys we had were young and just didn't understand and didn't know what it takes to win in this league.  So it was really just a man to man talk it really didn't have too much to do about football.  The main message wasn't a football message it was about being a man and we are all here for a reason that is because we have been chosen as a select few to play at this level and we were not really doing our job.  So I think the light went off for a lot of guys.  It wasn't just the main guys it was like special teams the role players.  Everyone had to be on the same page because you never know when your number will be called and then two weeks later we got a guy who had been brought over from another team Casey Cramer blocking a punt against the Redskins and we are on our way."

What is Jeff Fisher like to play for?

Bulluck: "Jeff is cool he is a good coach.  He is good as far as the X's and O's and he knows how he wants his team to work and to operate.  He does a great job of communicating that whether it's himself or through older players or through his coaching staff.  He definitely knows how to take care of his players just knowing how long the season is, him being a former NFL player himself.  I don't really want to go anywhere else.  I think a lot of the guys that play for Jeff Fisher appreciate him for the person and the coach that he is."

What about the book that says Jeff Fisher is overrated?

Bulluck: "I'm sure they are talking about his history as a coach.  But you have to look at Jeff Fisher's teams.  There might be a lull when they are trying to replace talent that they lost through the free agency.  But his teams usually come back strong, they are usually in the thick of things, and right know regardless of what anybody in the media says we view ourselves as one of the top teams in the league and the thing about that is we know we are not perfect and we are not up there with New England and how those teams operate but when the smoke clears and everything is said we will definitely be standing right there.  It's a long season and we have eight more games left and that is eight more games to get better."

What do you see in the Jaguars?

Bulluck: "They are doing the same things.  The Tampa game they had (Quinn) Gray and they didn't allow Gray to do too much in the passing game.  They where going to stick with their bread and butter, and that is Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew.  Those guys have been doing a great job hitting the holes downhill and finishing their runs so nothing has really changed with those guys.  They know what they are going to get and we know what we are going to get so it is just a matter of lining up and playing so at the end of the day we hope that we can stop their run game and put their quarterback in the position to where he has to win the game."

Is this a rivalry?

Bulluck: "Every conference game is a rivalry, it might not be the rivalry 1999 or 2000 and 2001 but it is still a rivalry.  I think it is good for the league we have one of the toughest conferences in the league and each time we play a team in the league it is a big game and it makes for a rivalry situation."

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