Titans-Broncos Week: Friday Report

Titans Head coach Jeff Fisher talks about the game against the Broncos on "Monday Night Football".

How is the health of Nick Harper and David Stewart?

Fisher: "We haven't ruled them out. They did not practice today. But they're both improving, which is good. That's also the case with Albert (Haynesworth). So we're optimistic at this point. We could use all of them. We'll just have to take it day to day. "

What about the progress of Reynaldo Hill?

Fisher: "Rey has worked very, very hard against the offense all year whenever he's given the opportunity. He's competing. He's working hard, and if for some reason Nick (Harper) can't go, Rey will do just fine. He's in great shape, he's worked hard, he's studied and he is prepared. "

Is your relationship with Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan stronger than your relationship with other NFL coaches?

Fisher: "I'd say so. We're pretty good friends. We spent a couple years together on the same staff and basically started just about the same time together. Fortunately for us, we've remained in the same (respective) organizations for this long. We get together on occasion during the offseason, but we are not good friends right now. "

Does your relationship with Shanahan help you prepare for this game?

Fisher: "Socially, we don't necessarily talk Xs and Os, for obvious reasons. I've looked at his team very closely and he does a really good job preparing his team to play. He is very, very competitive. So it's going to be a fun ballgame to watch. "

Does Broncos QB Jay Cutler take chances on the field that other NFL quarterbacks do not?

Fisher: "No, I haven't seen it on tape. He's making good decisions and good throws. He's really improving. It doesn't surprise us how well he's doing in their offense right now. We got to know him fairly well prior to the draft and knew he was going to be very good. "

Does the Titans' pre-draft experience with Cutler help you to gameplan based on his tendencies?

Fisher: "He's in a different system now. Their system is unique – they change things weekly. They have a different plan of attack against each and every defense on a weekly basis. You don't necessarily know what to expect out of them but you need to be able to adjust. Jay handles a new gameplan every week very well. "

How do you think former Titans running back Travis Henry is fitting into Denver's system?

Fisher: "They haven't had difficulty over the years fitting any (running) backs into their system. It's a very productive run-oriented offense. They expect north and south effort out of their backs and they've gotten that for a number of years. "

Has Justin Gage played up to expectations?

Fisher: "Yes. He's really come on. He's making the tough catches and he's making big plays for us now. So it's good to see it and I hope that it continues. "

What about Denver's success at home?

Fisher: "They've played some good teams at home. They beat Pittsburgh and lost to Green Bay. So they're improving. They're probably the most disappointed with the effort at Detroit, but that happens sometimes after Monday Night (games). They're an improving football team. They're going to be in the race, there's no question about that. "

T what extent to do you feel that altitude affects play at INVESCO Field at Mile High?

Fisher: "We were there last preseason and it wasn't an issue. You've got to take care of yourself during the week. You've got to eat properly and hydrate, things like that. But it's not a concern of ours. "

Is hydration the main factor in coping with the altitude?

Fisher: "There are some other things you can do, but I think the most important thing is to rest and hydrate. "

How will you go about keeping an eye on changing weather in Denver?

Fisher: "It has every day. It's now 66 (degrees) and sunny. A few days ago it was 35 and rain. We'll keep an eye on it. "

Will the team have oxygen on the sideline?

Fisher: "It's normal for us. Again, we didn't have any issues when we were there in the preseason."


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