Titans-Texans Week: Wednesday Report

Titans Head Coach Jeff Fisher talks about the upcoming match-up against the Texans.

What's the frustration of kicking field goals instead of scoring touchdowns in the red zone?

Fisher: "You can't really dwell on the past. All you can do it try to improve. You find positive in it. Like I said, we're getting down there. We just need to do a better job of getting into [the end zone]. It has been a major problem, but we're working at it and we recognize that. We don't need to be told about it or asked about it, it's just one of those things that we have to get better at. It's no different than the third-down efficiency on defense. We've been really pretty good at it over the years, and we've just had a stretch here where we can't make a play. Those are points of emphasis and areas of concern, and we're going to continue to work on them. "

Will Ahmard Hall help improve the run game this week if he is active?

Fisher: "The difficulties with the run game are not associated, particularly, with our offensive personnel. They are team difficulties. But yes, he'll be back. He's not on the injury board today and he's put in great effort to come back after the fracture and the surgery, and the plate. He's ready to play. "

Will Hall be able to help in third-and-one situations?

Fisher: "Again, he can help. We've missed him. The guys that have filled in have done a nice job. But he was our starting fullback and it's nice to get him back. "

How much more difficult it will be to defend Houston with Andre Johnson back in the lineup?

Fisher: "He's a big-play guy that can take the ball from any place on the field and put it in the end zone. So you have to be aware of where he is. The problems that are associated with him are that, in his absence, the other guys have gotten pretty good. If you try to rotate coverage or you pay too much attention to him, the other guys are in a position now to make plays. "

What are the responsibilities of Calvin Lowry at the strong safety position, as compared to free safety?

Fisher: "There are [similar] responsibilities. There are things that he'll be asked to do that he did at the other position. He'll be more likely around the line of scrimmage, which he can do well. He can run-fill and understands gap fits. But he won't have any problems. He's very, very sharp. "

Is there chance Chris Hope will be able to play this week?

He'll be day-to-day. The tests were positive (for a concussion), but he'll be day-to-day. "

What's the progress of Albert Haynesworth's recovery?

Fisher: "This is really the first time that he's made it through most of practice. We backed him down a little bit, but he's improving. The big thing for him is how he's going to feel tomorrow. "

What did the Titans learn from the first game with the Texans this season?

Fisher: "We had eight field goals. If we don't turn the ball over twice, we might have 10. You'd like to maybe get four touchdowns in those eight opportunities. That's one of the lessons – our lack of ability to score touchdowns. So many things had to go right for them in the second half, specifically the fourth quarter. Then a lot of things had to go wrong for us, and they did. What we learned from all of it is the last few times we've played them, these games have been decided by an average of about four-and-a-half points or less. It's a close ballgame. They're a better team than they were when we played them four weeks ago because (Andre) Johnson's back, (Matt) Schaub has been playing, they're missing one starter but their defense has improved. So it's going to be quite a challenge for us. "

Is there a sense of immediacy or desperation for a win?

Fisher: "No. We'll just have to wait and see what happens, what the outcome is. That's why we're practicing. We're taking no different approach to what we're doing this week. They're taking a professional approach. They're not putting all of the stakes in the situation on Sunday. We're just going to practice hard and have fun doing what we're doing, and try to play our best game of the year. "

Do you feel the need to focus on off-field issues in the wake of Sean Taylor's death?

Fisher: "I think everything is out there. They understand. We realize how fortunate we all are to be doing what we're doing, and how careful we all need to be. But again, it's a very tragic loss for the family, for the Redskins family and for the league. I'm sure this was a very emotional day for the Redskins because it was their first day back together after losing Sean. "

Have the Titans reached out to the Redskins in any way?

Fisher: "We'll do something to show our support for their organization and this family. "

How would you grade the Titans' play since playing the Texans in Houston?

Fisher: "We're not particularly happy with the last three weeks. We've seen improvement in some areas and we just have to continue to improve. Again, you can't dwell too much on the past. You have to move forward. You have to learn from it. As I've mentioned to players, any time you play a division opponent for the second time, you will go back and reference the first game. We referenced the first game one time this morning and we don't need to talk about it any more. We're going to just move on."

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