Titans-Chiefs Week:Wednesday Report

Titans Head Coach Jeff Fisher talks about the upcoming game against the Chiefs

Are the players and coaches putting the Chargers' loss behind them?

Fisher: "It stays with the coaches maybe a day longer than it does with the players.  Everything is fine.  We have put it behind us.  We had a good day.  The intention is coming off a physical game like that we are going to get the bodies back first.  That is why we cut down a little bit today.  I'm going to let them rest up in the morning and we will go later tomorrow afternoon.  They are fine.  They like the plan and they understand the challenge.  They have respect obviously for the Chiefs and what they have done.  They understand that despite the fact that [the Chiefs] have lost six in a row, they have lost a number of games to some very good teams.  They beat some teams that we have struggled with, so there is a respect factor there.  We know we are going into a tough place to play and we have to get ready for it. "

Do you think former Titans coach Gunther Cunningham gets excited to go against old friends?

Fisher: "Those were some fun years with him on the staff.  We have only gone up against him once since he left and they got the better end of it in a shootout.  We are kind of looking forward to this one.  He has done a nice job with the defense.  They are in a position now where they have lost several running backs and they are playing a young quarterback and they are going to finish the season up and look toward next year, but they would like nothing more than to displace us from the playoffs, I'm sure. "

What will be the challenge of Michael Roos blocking Jared Allen?

Fisher: "He is one of the top defensive linemen in the game right now.  He is very, very active.  You could put #93 on him and put him on our team and the two are very similar.  They go all day long.  It will be a big challenge for Mike, but so far Mike has handled those kinds of challenges. "

Do you talk to your team about the playoffs?

Fisher: "They are fully aware of the fact that we need to win out and the only way to win out is to win the next game.  There was a time last year when I discussed it and discussed it with them.  Let's face it, they go on NFL.com and look at the playoff scenarios so I might as well explain it to them in my own terms.  That is what we have done. "

How is Vince Young?

Fisher: "He threw the ball and moved around well.  He got through it.  We had some guys that we did not practice today that I think will practice tomorrow.  He wasn't one of them. "

How is LenDale White's progress in the run game?

Fisher: "It is consistency week after week after week.  He gets himself ready to play.  He is practicing well.  He is fighting through the normal nicks that you get at this time of the year as a running back.  His vision, his strength and his extra effort … the third-and-one play was as good of a third-and-one play as you are going to see.  He got a lot of help in the game.  I thought we blocked some things very well for him.  He understands concepts.  He is smart runner.  He understands protections and concepts.  In addition to being smart, he is instinctive.  He sees very well and is powerful. "

Does Tony Gonzales pose a similar threat as Antonio Gates?

Fisher: "Yeah, Tony's a really good football player. The thing that is impressive about Tony is that Tony is going to play 100 miles an hour whether they're up by 21 or if it's the case like last week when they got down. He finished the game – he got hurt, he came back in and finished. We had a brief experience with him getting to know him over at the Pro Bowl a couple years ago. He's a real pro. He's something they can build on. He's their target. He's got 79 catches already. It's 12 yards a catch and I think he's got five or six touchdowns. He's the guy they look for when they need a play. He's tough to cover. "

Does Gonzales make room for the running backs and receivers by garnering the attention of defenses?

Fisher: "One of the things that I think goes unnoticed as far as his play is concerned is he's a very good blocker. He's involved in the run game. He finishes blocks and takes pride in that. But getting him down the field and stretching the field creates problems for defenses because guys like Dwayne Bowe and (Eddie) Kennison and those guys take advantage of his presence and get open. "

Is there an acceptable percentage of no-gain or negative yardage plays on first down on offense?

Fisher: "We'd like 100 less that what we have right now. That would be good. "

What has been the improvement of Bowe throughout the season?

Fisher: "We had him in for a pre-draft visit, interviewed him and met him at the combine, and watched a lot of tape on him. We considered (drafting) him. I expected to see the production out of him that he's gotten thus far. He's a very good player and he's a tough guy to block. He takes a hit, catches out of frame and runs well. He'll be an elite receiver in the league in no time. He's a very good player. "

How do you think Brodie Croyle is doing?

Fisher: "He's got a very quick release and he sees the field well. His issues have been more along the lines of having time to get the ball down the field because they've had some injuries at the tackle position. But he's going to be a good player. You can see that he's got confidence, he's experienced, and he knows where to go with the football. He's not afraid to pull it down and run, given the opportunity. I think he's got a good career ahead of him."

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