Titans-Chiefs Week: Croyle talks Titans

Chiefs QB Brodie Croyle talks about the upcoming match-up with the Titans

What do you think about Titans defensive linemen Albert Haynesworth and Kyle Vanden Bosch?

Croyle: "Obviously that is one of the first things that jumps out at you. Both of them are playing at an extremely high level right now. They're really wreaking havoc, and it's going to be a tough battle for our (offensive) line to keep them out. "

What about when Haynesworth and Vanden Bosch swap positions?

Croyle: "I'm sure (the offensive line) will have a game plan for that. For me as a quarterback, they're still down linemen. I just drop back and trust that they're going to be blocked. "

What do you think about the success of Chiefs rookie Dwayne Bowe?

Croyle: "He's a big, physical receiver. He has been running good routes. He has been catching the ball in tight spots. He wants to be good. He works at it. He has a bright future. "

What are the difficulties of being a second-year quarterback, learning on the fly?

Croyle: "It's tough. You see a bunch of different looks. Every defense that you play is going to have a special wrinkle to it. You learn something every week. You just try and build from the learning experiences, and when you make mistakes, don't make them again. "

Does more game time speed up the learning curve?

Croyle: "Definitely. I have learned more in the three starts than I have in the twenty some odd games I watched. There is only so much you can learn from the sidelines. "

How is it playing with Tony Gonzales?

Croyle: "Obviously his resume speaks for itself. He's a great safety net for a young quarterback. If I am in doubt or in trouble, I'm usually going to look towards #88, and he is going to make the play. The more we can get him involved, hopefully we can get our running game going."

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