Vandy Prospects Prep for Pro Day

12 former Vanderbilt players are making their final preparation for Pro-Day.

Vanderbilt University NFL prospects are getting ready for this April's NFL Draft. The Tennessee Titans have typically kept close watch on the local players and a few of these might just fit the Titan's plans.


The players are preparing to perform for scouts and team representatives this Friday at the John Rich Football Complex at Vanderbilt University. Four players have already posted numbers at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis earlier this year. LB Jonathan Goff, WR Earl Bennett, DE Curtis Gatewood and Potential early first round selection OT Chris Williams showed their stuff in Indy. Both Goff and Williams appeared to really turn heads for their positions with results at the tops of their rankings. Bennett and Gatewood both put solid numbers as well across the board. Along with them RB Cassen Jackson-Garrison, OT Brian Stamper, OG Josh Eames, C Hamilton Holliday, QB Richard Kovalcheck, LB Marcus Buggs and defensive tackles Gabe Hall and Theo Horrocks are all set to perform.


Chris Williams along with teammates DT Theo Horrocks, DT Gabe Hall, LB Marcus Buggs, C Hamilton Holliday, OG Josh Eames and QB Richard Kovalcheck have all been training with Vanderbilt Strength Coach John Sisk in preparation. Curtis Gatewood and Earl Bennett have returned to train with Coach Sisk after working with others prior to the combine,


Theo Horrocks stated "I'm as ready as I can be for Pro day" and "Coach Sisk has done a great job".


LB Jon Goff (6-2 238 lbs) and OT Brian Stamper (6-5 300 lbs) have been training at Tom Shaw's training program at Disney's Wide World of Sports. Tom Shaw is recognized as one of the leaders in training preparation for the NFL Combine. He has trained the last 6 Super Bowl MVP's, 94 first round picks and 6 number one draft picks.


                                                       LB Jonathan Goff

                                                     (photo by Leslie Fisher)


 Obviously his training helped Jon Goff at the combine where he posted top ten results in every event with results of: 4.63 40 yd dash/28 reps Bench/31.5" Vertical Jump.


Stamper who under went back surgery last year appears to be coming back at full strength after being voted first team all SEC in 2006. He could be a nice pick up that has flown under the radar after dropping off most draft experts lists this year, if he can return to pre-injury form.



                                                        OT Brian Stamper

                                                    (photo by: Leslie Fisher)



RB Cassen Jackson Garrison (6-1 220 lbs) has spent his training time in Baton Rouge at Cap Elite's training facility under the guidance of Boo Schexnayder. Schexnayder is the 2008 US Olympic Track & Field Jumps Coach. Jackson-Garrison appears poised to put up solid numbers across the board after training with the speed guru.


Jackson-Garrison said "My training has gone great and I'm ready to perform, I just have to keep the right mental state".


This is most likely the deepest group of players to come out of Vanderbilt with hopes of playing at the next level with at least three players being drafted on the first day and at least 5 to 6 others on the second day or free agent signees.


The Titans as well as every other team will be looking very close at this group's performance this Friday.

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