Edwards fined $10,000

Defensive end Ray Edwards said he was just coming to the defense of his teammate, but Edwards' actions in a Sunday scuffle and a hit on the quarterback will cost him a combined $10,000.

You had the feeling that when the Friday fine cops of the NFL made their weekly announcements of fines that Ray Edwards would be involved.

In Sunday's win against the Lions, Edwards came to the aid of Jared Allen, who got a cheap shot from a Lions offensive lineman that got Edwards involved and turned into a mini-scrum in the second half of the game. Edwards shoved one player to the ground and kicked his feet when a crowd gathered.

The NFL cops spoke on Friday and hit Edwards with a $10,000 fine for a pair of infractions. He was fined $5,000 for the fight that ensued from his shoving match in the third quarter. He was fined another $5,000 for a hit on Detroit QB Shaun Hill.

Edwards defended his actions following the game, saying he is more than willing to mix it up when he feels he or his teammates have been wronged. Replays showed that Allen was the subject of a cheap shot, but Edwards' involvement in the escalation led to the fine.

Allen was not fined for his role in the melee, which some thought might happen given his run-ins with the fine police in the past – a pair of shots on quarterbacks that led to Allen being summoned to the league office for a discussion and accusation (vehemently denied by Allen) that he was a dirty player.

Apparently, a list of names of players on the periphery of the incident was submitted for potential sanctions, but the only person in the dust-up to be fined was Edwards.

The fine cops rarely take the circumstances into consideration, but, following the game, Edwards was non-apologetic about the incident, saying his involvement was merely in response to what happened to Allen. But, as many players have learned over the years, it isn't always the first guy who starts a fight that gets caught – it's the first one the refs see.


  • Vikings offensive lineman Ryan Cook was fined $5,000 in Sunday's game for a flagrant clipping penalty.

  • Lions safety Louis Delmas was fined $5,000 for making an obscene gesture during Sunday's game. He was caught giving Vikings fans a one-finger salute, which is frowned upon by the NFL.

  • On Friday, Adrian Peterson was the FedEx Ground Player of the Week. Unlike the Offensive Player of the Week award he was given earlier in the week, the FedEx players of the week are voted on by fans, who felt A.P.'s performance against Detroit was the dominant rushing achievement of the week.

  • The Vikings have a new way of moving merchandise – through vending machines. An Indianapolis-based vending machine company has placed a vending machine at the Mall of America that sells items like Vikings T-shirts, trading cards and other memorabilia. If the Vikings project is successful, it is expected that other teams will start using the machines as a way to sell brand products.

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