Moss coming home?'s Jay Glazer is reporting that the Vikings may be close to finalizing a blockbuster deal that would bring Randy Moss back to Minnesota.

It was a thought deemed too crazy to happen when the Vincent Jackson trade fell through – why not try for Randy Moss? From the Vikings' perspective, the deal would make sense. He would give Brett Favre a go-to deep receiver that could energize an offense that has struggled out of the gate.

The problem was with New England. How could it part with its most dynamic player? As crazy as the idea seemed two weeks ago, it sounds like it potentially could happen.

Jay Glazer of is reporting that the Vikings are close to finalizing a trade that would bring Moss back to the Vikings. In his story, Glazer, who is well-connected when it comes to reporting Vikings information, said that "serious trade talks" are underway and the deal will be made or broken on the Vikings' ability to sign Moss to a contract, although the Vikings could opt to move forward with a trade and hope for an extension in the near future.

While the deal may sound improbable, the Patriots are known for trading star players when they get to the end of their contract – a recent example being popular veteran Richard Seymour, who was traded to the Raiders. Moss has groused about not getting a new contract and has just nine catches in four games, including none in Monday's win over the Dolphins.

Both sides are said to be working to get a deal done, which potentially would have Moss in uniform for Favre's return to New York to play the Jets. Moss is said to be at the center of the breakup between the Packers and Favre, who became angered when the team didn't trade a mid-round draft pick for Moss and lost him to the Patriots. If the move is an attempt to appease Moss or an indication that Sidney Rice may not be ready by midseason, it would be a blockbuster.

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