VU Daily Blog: 10/7/10

It was all about Randy Moss on Thursday at Winter Park. Well, mostly, anyway. The team was also dealing with some injuries. See all the Vikings news and speculation as it progressed through the VU Daily Blog.

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Favre, Moss together at last: They both say they are getting older, but Brett Favre and Randy Moss have been think...

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Is there something going on at Winter Park? #Vikings #Moss #superfreaksuperhype

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Vikings know October's potential fright: The Vikings try to maintain a one-game-at-a-time approach, but they are w...

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Randy Moss: "To all the Vikings fans ... pull your 84 jerseys out, man, I think this is going to be a fun ride." #Vikings

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RT @Adam_Schefter: #Vikings Moss restructured his contract. No new money, but promise that Minnesota will not franchise/transition him.

Posted by: Tim Yotter
on Thursday, October 07, 2010 at 3:56:00 PM

Favre feeling pressure with Moss

After being rivals on the Green Bay Packers-Minnesota Vikings border battle for years, Brett Favre has wanted to have Randy Moss on his side since he was available via trade from Oakland in 2007. Now that they have been united with the Vikings, the 40-year-old quarterback is suddenly feeling some pressure to get the ball to Moss.

"In all the years of talking about – it's been public now, so – it's like last night. I was talking to (his wife) Deanna about it and she was like, ‘Do you feel good about it?' I said, ‘I feel a lot of pressure. More than I thought I was going to feel … Now I've got to throw it to him and it's not all the sudden we play three games and he's got two catches.'

"Everybody would go, ‘Whoa, what a reunion that is or union that is.'"

Favre, who has been criticized often for throwing into double and triple coverage, mentioned several times that throwing it to Moss when he's drawing defensive attention is still an option.

"I don't want to think out of the box, but you bring him in for a reason," Favre said. "The guy is an unbelievable player. I'm like everyone else, I'm watching the (Patriots-Dolphins) Monday night game and I'm like, ‘He's only been thrown to one time?' So what if he's covered? That's the thing about Randy. So what if he's covered? But does that mean you just throw to him when you've got four other guys that are wide open? So there's this added pressure. Maybe it's just I'm getting old."


Posted by: Tim Yotter
on Thursday, October 07, 2010 at 3:52:00 PM

Cook headlines injury report; Favre dealing with elbow

Cornerback Chris Cook, who got his first action of the season 11 days ago against the Detroit Lions, did not practice Thursday because of his knee injury. Cook missed the final preseason game and the first two regular-season games with a torn meniscus that was surgically repaired. There were no obvious signs that he re-injured the knee during the Detroit game.

TE Visanthe Shiancoe (hamstring) and C John Sullivan (calf) were both limited in Thursday's practice. Sullivan was hurt on the Vikings' first offensive play against the Lions and Shiancoe hurt his hamstring later in that game.

T Bryant McKinnie (finger) and QB Brett Favre (ankle/throwing elbow) were both full participants. Favre was icing his elbow during his press conference Thursday.

"I'm not overly concerned about it. But just based on my 20 years, there's been little things that nag here and there. Of course, that's the throwing arm, so a little bit more of a concern," Favre said. "I've probably iced more in the last three weeks than I have in my whole career. I don't want to say I'm getting overly mental, but I want to be crisp. I want to be smart about it, but I do need the work. It's not like I'm throwing to these guys for 10 years."

For the Jets, DE Shaun Ellis (knee), T Wayne Hunter (shin), C Nick Mangold (shoulder), CB Darrelle Revis (hamstring) and LB Jamaal Westerman (ankle) were limited.

RB John Conner (neck), LB Calvin Pace (foot) and LB Jason Taylor (elbow) were full participants in Thursday's practice.


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#Jets cont: RB Conner (neck), LB Pace (foot) and LB Taylor (elbow) were full participants. #Vikings

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For the #Jets DE Ellis (knee), T Hunter (shin), C Mangold (shoulder), CB Revis (hamstring) and LB Westerman (ankle) were limited. #Vikings

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Bryant McKinnie (finger) and Brett Favre (elbow/ankle) were full participants. #Vikings

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CB Chris Cook (knee) did not practice for the #Vikings Thursday. TE Shiancoe (hamstring) and C Sullivan (calf) were limited.

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Favre on playing with Moss: "I feel a lot of pressure, more than I thought I'd feel. ... Now I've got to throw it to him." #Vikings

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Favre is wearing an ice pack on his right elbow. Says he wants to be smart about it, but he needs his reps. #Vikings

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Favre on Moss: "He offers a totally different dimension." #Vikings

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Favre on Moss/the offense: "It would be easy to point to that as the missing ingredient," and named decision making as an issue. #Vikings

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Favre on Moss: "How could you not want to play with a guy like that? ... He can't do anything but make us better." #Vikings

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Favre: "Who would have ever thunk it? ... I thought it was just an average practice on our part offensively." #Vikings

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Moss ends his press conference saying, "What if I had been on that boat? There would have really been some problems." #Vikings

Posted on Twitter at: 12:48:00 PM - Randy Moss caught everything at the start of #Vikings practice except for one. Here is one of his catches.

Posted by: Tim Yotter
on Thursday, October 07, 2010 at 12:46:00 PM

Moss gets instructions

Randy Moss arrived at Vikings practice Thursday for the first time since the 2004 season. He wore his familiar No. 84 jersey, but not everything else was familiar.

He started by getting acquainted with offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell before working into position drills with receivers coach George Stewart and the rest of the receivers.

Stewart stopped Moss on the first route of practice and told him to drop his hips a little more, and the instruction continued as they went into offensive formations with receivers and quarterbacks. Moss caught everything but one pass in the limited time reporters were allowed to watch and slipped once. All of his passes came from Brett Favre.

Otherwise, it was business as normal … circa 2004.

In other news: TE Visanthe Shiancoe and C John Sullivan returned to practice on at least a limited basis, but CB Chris Cook wasn't out for the start of practice for unknown reasons. We'll have a chance to talk to Brad Childress, Moss and Favre after practice.


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Randy Moss was working at practice today, as were Shiancoe and Sullivan. No Chris Cook at the start. #Vikings

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The satellite trucks are in place once again. Welcome back the big-top circus, #Vikings Let Moss Mania commence.

Posted by: Tim Yotter
on Thursday, October 07, 2010 at 10:32:00 AM

Two approaches to personnel

The Vikings have lived up to their pillaging ways in free agency and the trade market during the Brad Childress regime.

Jared Allen and Randy Moss are the two biggest "gets" on the trade market, with the Vikings take full advantage of teams that found themselves at odds with star players. Allen has paid dividends, garnering 14.5 sacks in each of his last two seasons. The Vikings hope Moss can be equally as productive on the offensive side of the ball in a contract year.

But the Vikings' veteran acquisitions have been hardly limited to the trade market. They have been equally as aggressive in free agency.

In 2005, Pat Williams was their (insert weight jokes here) signing. In Childress' first year, they plucked Steve Hutchinson away from the Seahawks with a poison-pill contract, as well as adding Ben Leber and Ryan Longwell in free agency. The following year, they signed tight end Visanthe Shiancoe. In 2008, it was Bernard Berrian and Madieu Wililams as veteran acquisitions, and last year the big signing was Brett Favre.

Bill Huber of contrasted that to how the Packers have done business since general manager Ted Thompson took over in 2005. The results, published in a story on, are interesting.

"Since taking over the Packers in 2005, Thompson has signed two free-agent starters (three, if you want to stretch it out to include nickel linebacker Brandon Chillar) while the Vikings have signed or traded for 10 starters during that same span," Huber writes.

"Of course, at the end of the day, games aren't won on the league's transactions wire or in the fantasy-football world of popular opinion. During the Thompson era, the Vikings are 45-35 with two NFC North titles, a 1-2 playoff record and a loss in the NFC championship game, while the Packers are 42-38 with one NFC North title and a wild-card berth, a 1-2 playoff record and a loss in the NFC championship game."

Two approaches. Two contenders. Which one will win in the end?


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Revis vs. The Slouch, Part II: Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis added more juice to the Randy Moss motivational drin...

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The #Vikings announced the release of WR Logan Payne from the practice squad, replacing him with tackle Andrew Gardner (Georgia Tech).

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L.T. shunned Vikings for opportunity: LaDainian Tomlinson talked with the Minnesota media Wednesday and said he ch...

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