Little cleared up in Favre investigation

Vikings QB Brett Favre met with the NFL on Tuesday regarding allegations of improper conduct, but little is known about what was said and where the investigation stands.

The NFL's investigation of the allegations made against Brett Favre came to Winter Park Tuesday as Favre and agent Bus Cook met with Milt Ahlerich, the NFL's vice president of security who is heading up the investigation.

There are questions as to whether Favre actually responded to questions posed by Ahlerich or, in essence, decided to "plead the Fifth" and not answer questions. According to published reports, the woman at the center of the controversy, former Jets employee Jenn Sterger, has not cooperated with the investigation. If that is the case, then Favre likely wouldn't be compelled to give testimony to the investigation.

If Sterger doesn't make a statement to the NFL concerning the alleged incidents, there really isn't much in the way of evidence that could be used. The website, which has been at the center of reporting the allegations, told CBS Sportsline that editor A.J. Daulerio hasn't been contacted by the NFL, which would lead one to believe that there isn't much in the way of admissions being thrown out.

Without witnesses to corroborate the allegations, the case could fizzle out. It is expected that, with his agent by his side, Favre likely said little to nothing to the investigators that could be viewed as an admission of guilt. If there is to be a punitive phase of the investigation, it is going to require either Sterger or her representatives to testify to what is alleged to have happened. Until that happens, the investigation is all but dead.


  • NFL sack leader Clay Matthews, who missed last week's game with a hamstring injury, is expected to return Sunday to play the Vikings. Matthews has 8.5 sacks in five games.

  • The NFL is coming under fire for offering photos of the hits by Steelers James Harrison and Brandon Merriweather, two of the players at the center of the recent firestorm of helmet-to-helmet hits, for sale at the "NFL Photo Store" website. It is unclear if the site is affiliated with the NFL, but it does carry several logos and photos of NFL teams and players. Given the league's tight enforcement of its brand rights and use of images and likenesses, if the site isn't affiliated with the league, expect swift action. If it is affiliated with the league, expect that such photos will no longer be available.

  • Former Viking Todd Bouman is back in the league yet again. The Jaguars signed Bouman Tuesday following the concussion to David Garrard early in Monday night's game and a subsequent injury to backup Trent Edwards.

  • The NFL trade deadline came and went with no significant player movement. Despite rumors that players like Vincent Jackson, Albert Haynesworth, Steve Smith and DeAngelo Williams might move before the deadline, none of them were shopped and shipped.

  • With losses Sunday by the Falcons and Bucs, through just six weeks of the NFL season, every team in the NFC has at least two losses. It is likely to muddy the playoff picture for the next two months since so many teams are so close in the standings. Even given their dismal start to the season, the Vikings are only one game in the loss column away from having the best record in the NFC.

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