Randy's rant par for his course

Randy Moss delivered a hardline stance in dealing with the media that deliver the message to the fans. It was just another case of "Randy being Randy."

It was hard to watch Randy Moss wearing a black Red Sox hat while choosing to address the media. He wasn't addressing the Vikings media. He wasn't talking about the hole the Vikings are now deeper in at 2-5, effectively putting themselves into a position where two more losses in the final two months could be the end of their season. He wasn't talking about his job with his new team – other than to say Brad Childress should have kicked a field goal at the end of the first half and maybe the team should have listened to his Patriots insights more when game-planning.

No, Randy was being Randy – the kind of Randy that gets defensive and, the past anyway, has helped cause a cancerous funk in his own locker room. It wasn't really his fault. Cris Carter held sway over the Vikings locker room and he was moody. He could talk from the heart after a devastating loss and then blow up at a reporter who had written something derogatory after a blowout win. It didn't take Moss long to get in a funk.

It would seem even now that the chip on Moss' shoulder hasn't got any smaller and doesn't appear like it's ever going away. In one rambling, five-minute dissertation, Moss second-guessed his coach, told the league where they could stick their $25,000 fine, told Vikings fans that he misses his old team (seemingly much more than he cares about his new team) and that he won't talk to the local media unless it suits him. That last part gives those of us who swarm players for insights to pass along to fans the same short shrift Brad Childress got when Terrell Owens told him to "speak when spoken to." Now I get why Chilly doesn't care much for T.O.

Part of the Moss Experience are these sorts of questionable comments. Badgered into speaking following the 41-Donut debacle, Moss made huge waves saying he would win a title, whether with the Vikings or not. The "I play when I want to play" comment still haunts him. His random, unprovoked rant about not getting the love from the team or the fans – which was in complete contradiction to what he said Sunday – got him a one-way ticket back to Minnesota within three weeks and a bad Vikings start.

Moss made his amends with the ownership, coaching staff and teammates with the Patriots, but, in doing so, he may have gone a long way to alienating the organization to the point that any thought of keeping him long term flew out the window as quickly as it got him banished from Bah-ston. He may have burned a bridge that should have best been left standing.

Will Moss' acknowledged bromance with the Patriots organization sit well in the Vikings locker room? We'll have to find out through channels because Moss won't speak the rest of the season – even if we ask nice.


  • If it's any consolation to Vikings fans, if they should end up in the battle for a wild card spot they have saved themselves what would have to turn out to be tie-breaker edges if they get to a scenario where they are 9-7 or 10-6 and looking for a wild card. With Sunday's loss, the Vikings are 2-2 against the NFC and 0-3 vs. the AFC.

  • Percy Harvin will likely get an MRI on his left ankle Monday. He suffered what looked like a serious leg injury in the first quarter. He got the ankle taped and returned to have a strong game.

  • Although Brett Favre looked as ashen as Lee Harvey Oswald taking a similar ride on a cart to get medical attention, he showed few ill-effects after the game and made it clear that he didn't suffer a concussion. He did, however, suffer a short-term loss of pigmentation. Nobody wants his career to end getting jeered by a Southie after he got hit "wicked hard."

  • The Vikings defense completely collapsed in the second half under the strain of the Patriots running game. In the first half, New England ran nine times for just nine yards. In the second half they rushed twice as many times (18) for 13 times as many yards (113).

  • The Vikings defense had allowed just three rushing touchdowns in six games heading into Sunday's game. They allowed three to the Patriots.

  • In their first three games, the Vikings allowed 38 points – totals of 14, 14 and 10. In the last four games, they have allowed 29, 21, 28 and 28 points – too many for the struggling Vikings offense to overcome.

  • The Packers did something the Vikings couldn't do – go into New Jersey and beat the Jets. The wind-swept game was a defensive battle that the Packers won 9-0 – a week after record-setting point totals. The Packers' win was the first shutout of any team this season – an extremely long stretch to get into the season before the first donut gets dropped.

  • In the blogosphere world we live in, let the rumors begin that Donovan McNabb will be the next big-selling jersey in Minnesota. Vikings fans know as well as anyone that the only way Rex Grossman should get in a game is if the punter can't throw a spiral – much less replacing Donovan McNabb when behind by less than a touchdown with less than two minutes to play. That's what Washington coach Mike Shanahan did Sunday in a loss to Detroit. McNabb, who was acquired in trade, is in the final year of his contract. With Favre looking closer all the time to driving the truck around Kiln, McNabb's name is going to start to surfacing as the next QB possibility.

  • As an aside, on the first play Grossman was in to run the Shanny-vision Offense to victory, he got popped in the chest, fumbled and the Lions scored a touchdown. Ah, the memories of Rex. With any luck, the Vikings will see him when they play Washington later this year.

  • With San Francisco's win Sunday, Dallas and Carolina are now tied for the worst record in the NFC at 1-6. If you think things are bad in Minnesota, imagine Dallas.

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