Harvin, Childress: Disagreement over ankle

Percy Harvin and Brad Childress both admitted to their disagreement at Friday's practice, but they said it was over Harvin's initial refusal to have an MRI on his injured left ankle. They each addressed the issue after Sunday's game, which may have been the best of Harvin's career even though he clearly wasn't 100 percent.

Percy Harvin and Brad Childress admitted they had words during Friday's practice, but they both said it wasn't over Harvin's lack of effort. Instead, they said it revolved around Harvin's initial refusal to have a magnetic resonance imaging test on his injured left ankle.

"He's an emotional guy. So am I," Childress said. "We spent 15 minutes here in the locker room before the game today. (The incident) certainly (was) not as reported. It had nothing to do with his hustle or effort. That was not a question and never was.

"Just a medical procedure. Just wanted him to get a picture on his foot, MRI. (He) didn't want to do it; came in and got it Saturday morning."

Harvin injured his ankle on his first catch last week against the New England Patriots but returned to the game to catch six passes for 104 yards. He didn't practice Wednesday or Thursday and was limping badly at the start of practice Friday. The disagreement with Childress took place after practice was shut down to the media.

Harvin is known for his toughness, playing through several injuries and battling migraines since the Vikings drafted him last year.

"I just didn't think nothing was significantly wrong with it. I just didn't want to go," Harvin said of his initial refusal to have an MRI on Friday.

He eventually had an MRI on Saturday and it didn't show any structural damage.

"Running around I knew it felt not the best. It was a little sore. But I was able to put weight on it," Harvin said. "I knew if I had two more days of rehabbing it I would be able to go. ... I told coach that I've got confidence in my body. I know my body. It was just a thing of me saying I know myself and him looking out for me. That's all it was."

After meeting before the game, both Harvin and Childress said their relationship is fine.

"Remember, guys, we're playing an emotional game with emotional people," Childress said. "It's part of what makes him good. Tempers can raise every now and then."

Harvin said he didn't have much confidence in his ankle at Friday's practice, and although he clearly wasn't 100 percent during Sunday's game, he finished with a career-high 126 yards on nine catches.

"I was able to go out and rally around these guys and give it my all," he said. "At one point I really didn't care if it went out on me or not."

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