Notebook: Frazier expecting Favre will play

Leslie Frazier believes Brett Favre will play on Sunday, despite suffering a sprained shoulder, which shouldn't come as a surprise to those that have watched Favre navigate a 297-game streak of starting regular-season games.

Brett Favre grimaced as he changed shirts in the Vikings locker room Monday and declined comment, but interim head coach Leslie Frazier put it best in the wake of the team's day-after evaluation of Favre's sprained sternoclavicular sprain.

After starting 297 straight games, Frazier fully expects Favre's streak to continue.

"No question. Someone asked me that same question yesterday, and I really thought he'd come back in the game, just knowing Brett. As hard as I saw him get hit yesterday, I've seen him take harder hits and bounce back and come back and play," Frazier said. "There's nobody tougher than Brett Favre to ever play the quarterback position, so I was a little surprised he wasn't able to make it back and I'd be surprised if he's not able to play this weekend. He is extremely, extremely tough, as we all know."

Favre sprained his shoulder when he was leveled from his blindside by Bills linebacker Arthur Moats on Favre's first pass of the game. The hit was timed just as Favre released the ball and the pass fluttered and was intercepted. Trainers rushed onto the field to tend to Favre and he walked to the sideline, where he spent several minutes sitting down. He walked to the locker room under his own power and returned to the sideline at the end of the first quarter.

"He'll still going be under constant evaluation, but it'll probably be a day-to-day thing, I would assume, as we're going through this just to see how he responds on Wednesday and that'll determine what happens on Thursday when we go through the week, just seeing how his throwing motion is and what he can and can't tolerate," Frazier said.

Favre declined to comment in the locker room on Monday, but he said after Sunday's game that X-rays didn't show any breaks. Frazier said Monday he wasn't told any degree of sprain.

Frazier also said he would let the medical opinion guide his decision on whether or not Favre plays Sunday against the New York Giants.

"If the doctors say he's fine, he's functional, he's not at risk and Brett feels good about it, it won't be a hard decision," Frazier said. "… Between what the medical people tell me and what Brett tells me, we'll make a decision based on that."


Frazier said he hopes to work Lorenzo Booker into the Vikings' offense as a third-down back yet this year.

Frazier confirmed the Booker signing Monday, but no corresponding move has been made official yet.

"I'm hoping that he can help us now and on third-down situations," Frazier said. "I think he can be a plus for us. He's done a good job over in the UFL, making some plays, and we're going to try to see where we can utilize him during this season."


  • Frazier said receiver Percy Harvin is over his latest migraine headache and was at Winter Park on Monday. Harvin missed Sunday's game. "He's in good spirits. As you know, those migraines can come and go at any time," Frazier said. "He's in good spirits, so we'll get a chance to talk today and tomorrow, and we'll just see where things are when we get to Wednesday."

  • Defensive end Ray Edwards is still a question mark for the Giants game after suffering a high ankle against the Washington Redskins on Nov. 28.

  • Safety Tyrell Johnson suffered a knee injury Sunday. "Nothing severe, just got banged up a little bit. Maybe an MCL," Frazier said.

  • Running back Toby Gerhart strained a hamstring. "Got a little tweak, but I think he should be fine," Frazier said.

  • Frazier said he is hoping to get guard Steve Hutchinson back.

  • Running backs coach Eric Bieniemy, who will be the offensive coordinator for the University of Colorado next year, will remain with the Vikings until the end of the season. "He spoke to the people at the University of Colorado and he has it cleared that he'll be with us throughout and he'll join them after the season," Frazier said. "But his duties will be primarily working for the Minnesota Vikings. No recruiting calls, no road visits. He's going to be here with the Vikings."

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