Vikings game moved to Monday night

One of the biggest snowstorms to hit the Twin Cities since they started keeping records hit Saturday. Unable to get the Giants into town Saturday and fears of too much snow potentially collapsing the Metrodome roof, the Vikings and Giants get an unexpected extra day of pregame preparation with the game moved to Monday night.

The NFL, for the most part, is an all-weather league. With the exception of lightning, games don't get rained out or snowed out or, when it comes to playoff games in late January, postponed because of cold. But, today's scheduled game with the Giants has made some history of its own.

With the Twin Cities buried under a foot-and-a-half of snow, today's game with the Giants was postponed until Monday for two reasons. Under NFL rules, teams come the city where they're playing a road game the day before – typically leaving about 24 hours before game time. But, because the blizzard conditions shut down Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport on Saturday, the Giants got re-routed in-flight to Kansas City, and there was talk of the Giants doing a walk-through practice in one of hangars at the K.C. airport.

The other reason, and more important, was that the Teflon roof of the Metrodome was buried under a record-amount of snow for December – the Twin Cities have already received about two-thirds of the average amount of snowfall received in a typical winter season and winter doesn't even officially begin for more than a week. With high winds and frigid temperatures, officials couldn't get workers safely onto the roof of the dome to clean it off, creating concerns that the weight of the snow could potentially cause a collapse of the roof.

For those reasons, the Vikings will have an impromptu Monday night game and the Vikings-Giants will go head-to-head with Baltimore and Houston on ESPN. With the FOX broadcast being shown in the Twin Cities market, New York and Rochester, Minn. (regional station), ESPN will likely take a significant ratings hit fragmenting its audience in the nation's largest media market.

In a year when the organization is celebrating its 50th anniversary, the memories of the Metropolitan Stadium, which sat across Hwy. 494 from the same airport that got shut down Saturday, seems like a distant memory. The winds of December and January would come whipping in and have uninterrupted opportunities to roll across barren land, the landing strips of the airport and into the open end of the stadium. It was downright frigid in late-season games and, at times when the snow and wind would combine, fans in the upper deck would occasionally lose sight of the field with blowing show circled beneath them.

In a season where it seems that something strange has happened on a weekly basis, the latest is something unexpected. Weather never delayed the start time of a Twins game or a Vikings game. It was one of the advantages of playing indoors. But, with the Teflon roof of the antiquated Metrodome, which requires people to climb on top and manually shove snow off the roof in such weather emergencies to prevent a potential collapse, a one-day delay gives workers extra time.

The primary beneficiary of the delay may have been Brett Favre, who is attempting to start his 298th straight game. There were some who believed it would take an act of God for Favre to start against the Giants after being in significant pain most of the week leading up to game. They got their act of God, so maybe Favre will play.

In a year where Vikings fans have come to expect the unexpected, even this one seems a little beyond the pale. A game postponed in a domed stadium due to weather. Which would have been harder to believe in September – a game snowed out at the Metrodome or that Randy Moss would return and leave again with a month? It's just been that kind of year for the Vikings. At this point, nothing should surprise us anymore.

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