Weather could play a role for Vikings again

The Vikings have become NFL nomads because of winter storms, and another one is expected to hit Philadelphia tonight. Predicted snowfall amounts vary, but the city is expected to receive at least six inches.

With all the dark clouds that have hung over the Vikings this season, it would seem that the December storm clouds that have haunted the team are taking their show on the road as well.

In what has passed for a three-game homestand, the Vikings will play their fifth straight game in a fifth different stadium when they head to Lincoln Financial Field tonight to play the Philadelphia Eagles. The reason the Vikings have played five games in five different stadiums is because winter weather has drastically changed the last two. A storm two weeks ago collapsed the roof of the Metrodome, forcing the Vikings to play a home game in Detroit – in a stadium where your cell phone switched over to the Eastern Time Zone. Last week's game required anyone travelling more than 25 miles two hours or more to get to TCF Bank Stadium. Finally, it would seem, the Vikings are getting away from the meteorological hell in which they have found themselves in.

Guess again.

Welcome to hell, Pennsylvania.

While Eagles fans don't have to worry about a roof collapse on the open-air stadium they play in, the X-Factor of tonight's game might be the storms that have drastically altered their December schedule.

A winter storm of significant proportions has its sites set on Philadelphia later today and the fast-track Eagles may find themselves grounded by Mother Nature.

A source no less than Philadelphia's NBC affiliate's chief weatherman Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz – you can't make up a self-proclaimed handle like that – is predicting anywhere from 10 to 20 inches of snow in the Philadelphia area. To those in the Twin Cities, he makes apocalyptic weatherman Paul Douglas seem tame by comparison. While 10 to 20 inches of snow is pretty wide window for the voodoo science of meteorology, when 10 inches of snow is the low end of the projected scale, another phantom tile of Metrodome will sympathetically collapse.

Other weather talking heads with less threatening nicknames like Hank "Stockman's Advisory" Ketchum and Debbie "Wintry Mix" Davis are predicting six to 12 inches, but the theme is continuous – it ain't gonna be good.

Welcome to Minnesota's hell, Philadelphia. The gloom and doom that has plagued Minnesota has taken its show on the road. Its tour starts in Philly tonight. Watch yourself, Detroit. Our North American tour hits you next. We're coming.


  • The timing of Sunday's storm might prevent the Vikings from leaving Philly after Sunday's game. Unlike the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport, where winter storms are commonplace and anticipated, Philadelphia might not be as prepared for the kind of landing strip cleaning that will be required to remove the amount of snow predicted – much less the winds of 40 mph-plus that are expected.

  • The last word on Favre is that he still hasn't passed any of the required medical clearances needed to play Sunday. While he went from out to questionable to starting Monday, look for him to go from doubtful to out tonight.

  • If Joe Webb starts tonight, he will be the 60th different quarterback to start an NFL game this season.

  • If the Eagles earn a first-round bye, there is a very good chance that Michael Vick will return to Atlanta to face his former team for the right to go to the Super Bowl. Let the FOX hype machine begin winding.

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