Carter to Retire a Viking?

Last Tuesday it would have been appropriate to say "Vikings Re-Sign Cris Carter" in a banner headline for an April Fool's joke. But, it's no joke -- the Vikings intend to re-sign Carter.

When Cris Carter left the Vikings in 2001, there wasn't necessarily bad blood, but just as Denny Green's coaching legacy crumbled and fell, Carter's relationship and role with the team dissolved away.

When the Vikings played their final home game, Carter was adament that he still had something to offer the NFL, but it wouldn't be as member of the Vikings.

After a rocky half-season stint with the Dolphins, Carter appears ready to call it quits for good. But it looks like one final ceremonial act will be a part of his good-bye to the NFL.

VU reported a couple of weeks ago that the Vikings hope to re-sign Carter to allow him to retire as a Minnesota Viking. That message was reiterated this weekend by Red McCombs. The Vikings have been in contact with Carter in recent weeks -- he endorsed the signing of WR Oronde Gadsden to the team -- and things have been very cordial between C.C. and the organization.

While no timetable has been set for a sign-and-resign contract, it is expected that Carter will be honored at a home game this season and have his name added to the Ring of Honor in the Metrodome. While there hasn't been talk of retiring his No. 80, the jersey was not assigned to a player last year and that remains a possibility.

* From the "You Saw This Coming" Department comes this: the female traffic control officer who was pushed by Randy Moss' car is seeking $450,000 in civil court from Moss for physical and emotional distress. At the time of the incident, there were conflicting points of view on the matter -- some saying Moss was the aggressor and could have seriously injured the female traffic control officer and others saying the woman escalated the situation by putting herself in front of Moss' car, sitting on the hood and refusing to get off of it. It's unknown whether the case will go to trial or an out of court settlement can be reached, but there are very different sides that will be presented in court if the case should get there.
* The Vikings got shut out of Monday Night Football for a second straight year, but will get some good national exposure with a pair of Sunday night games -- both at the Metrodome. With games vs. Chicago and Green Bay, division foes the Vikings have regularly beaten at the Metrodome, a pair of national TV wins could change the league's mind about putting the Vikes back on the Monday night stage in 2004. Granted, a division title would likely guarantee a couple of MNF gigs.

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